2018 LE P&W

01 JANUARY P&W 2018

Caley O’Dwyer – All Day
Cathy Colman – Jewish Party
Colette Nic Aodha – Skywatching
David Morgan – Our Fate and Fortune
Hongri Yuan – Nest of Time
Jim Meirose – Experiment in Space 91
Laura J Braverman – Union
M L Williams – Flight
Margaret O’Driscoll – Were You There?
Michael J Whelan – Truth
Richard James Allen – Karma Inquiry


02 FEBRUARY P&W 2018

Beatriz Copello – A Life Together
Christine Stark – Ancient
Consuelo Rivera-Fuentes – R-Evolution
Dani Tauni – Ancient Nights
Finola Moorhead – On reading Young Eliot beside an open window…
Hilary McCollum – Flying Colours
Judy Horacek – Fly Fourteen Fly
Kathleen Mary Fallon – International Lesbians – Portraits
Lee Cataldi – Mangoes
Louise Wakeling – The Spirit of Curiosity
Margaret Bradstock – The Black Line
Marion May Campbell – Inside the Fold
Miriel Lenore – Hope and the Inevitable…
Nandi Chinna – Wind
Nataša Velikonja – The Nude
Nina Dragičević – Who has other worries
Powhiri Rika-Heke – Wings and Kiwi Cravings
Renate Klein – Hate
Robin Morgan – Compass
Sandy Jeffs – The Monstrous Truth
Suniti Namjoshi – Two women are walking
Susan Hawthorne – Guest Editorial and Poems
Susan Varga – When I Think of Budapest


03 MARCH P&W 2018

Arthur Broomfield – Tales from the non-verse
Brian Kirk – Animal Life
Eamonn Lynskey – Book review of After The Fall
Hongri Yuan – City of Dreamland
Jim Meirose – Rod and Maisey…
Joachim Matschoss – Haiku 2018
Live Encounters tribute to Philip Casey, celebrated Irish Poet and Novelist
Maria Miraglia – To My Mother
Mark Ulyseas – Book review of Flower Press
Richard James Allen – The Wedding Dress
Robert Jensen – Review of Surrogacy: A Human Rights Violation
Ruairí de Barra – Mothers of many nations
Sravani Singampalli – Sometimes half is beautiful
Sue Woolfe – Book review of Dark Matters


04 APRIL P&W 2018

Angela Patten – Whither The Ovenbird
Bob Shakeshaft – Aberration
Dr Greta Sykes – Ides of March 2018
Geraldine Mills – Where you went
Hongri Yuan – Wings of Light
James Martyn Joyce – Last Train to San Fernando
Joachim Matschoss – Haiku Singapore
Mark Ulyseas – Nothing is Eternity
Niall Cahir – Nature’s Oath
Noel Monahan – Chalk Dust
Terry McDonagh – 44 Cantos


05 MAY P&W 2018
Azril Bacal – Laughter and Tears
Caterina Bacal Titus – Golden Thread
Ingrid Storholmen – Siri
Jim Meirose – Noman and the General Now
Julia Deakin – In The Sanctuary of Mercy
Laura J Braverman – The Mask’s Request
Miceál Kearney – Alt-Write
Patricia Sykes – Review of Robin Morgan’s Dark Matter
Roisín Browne – Last View
Thomas McCarthy – Dog Days


06 JUNE P&W 2018
Amy Barry – The highs and lows of life
Arthur Broomfield – When a visitor knocks
Book review of Jack Grady’s Resurrection
He Zhaolun – To retain the wind
Jim Meirose – The Great Red Spot
Katie Donovan – Ishi
Noel Duffy – Copyist
Noelle Lynskey – Homeless
Owen Gallagher – Red Snow
Peter O’Neill – Plato’s Cave
Ron Carey – Sartre’s Crabs


07 JULY P&W 2018

Anne M Carson – From The Detective’s Chair
Anton Floyd – Faultlines
Antonia Alexandra Klimenko – Glass Onion
He Zhaolun – Mother
Margarita Serafimova – Magnolia
Michael Durack – Interrogations
Nguyen Van Tho – Vietnamese Author and ex-Viet Cong soldier
Pat Boran – Plate
Phil Lynch – Beyond the Calm
Randhir Khare – Memory Land
Susan Condon – Reunion
Terry McDonagh – Fourth Floor Flat


08 AUGUST P&W 2018

Caterina Bacal Titus – Children of the Border
Diane Fahey – At the Zoological Gardens
Futures Pass by John W. Sexton – Review by Mark Ulyseas
Gordon Meade – Mata Mata
He Zhaolun – If Suddenly Met
Ian C Smith – Young Street
Jude Cowan Montague – Appointment
Margarita Serafimova – Birds of Passage
Peter O’Neill – Telemachus Cycle
The Narrow Way of Souls by Eileen Sheehan – Review by Mark Ulyseas



Brian Kirk – Winter Songs
Cathy Colman – From an Imprint
Christine Murray – Review of her books by Peter O’Neill
Colette Nic Aodha – Being a Poet
Dr Hilary Perkins – Review of Suniti Namjoshi’s Aesop The Fox
James Martyn Joyce – Voyeur
John W Sexton – Ocean of Souls
Michael J Whelan – Small Copses on the Landscape
Nguyen Van Tho – The Smell of Gun Powder
Peter O’Neill – Merrion Square
Ray Whitaker – Remembrance
Ruairí de Barra – The Tower of Il-Gardjola


10 OCTOBER P&W 2018

Anni-Wilton Jones – Curtain
Azril Bacal – Three Tankas
Donna Prinzmetal – Repast
Jim Meirose – First Morning Coffee…
Joachim Matschoss – Coffee Fugue
John Pinschmidt – Autumn Lady
Laura J Braverman – Wonderland
M L Williams – Circuit
Maria Wallace – Beyond Veils and Matter
Shadab Zeest Hashmi – An Artist’s Impression by Peter O’Neill
Susan Norton – Review of Eamonn Lynskey’s It’s Time


12 DEC P&W Vol One 2018

Angela Patten – A Call to Prayer
Anton Floyd – Affinities
Bernadette Gallagher – Resting place
Bob Shakeshaft – Wounded Earth
Breda Wall Ryan – Pathways
Charlotte Innes – Waiting for rain
Colette Nic Aodha – Liturgy
Dr Greta Sykes – Time of Departure
Eamonn Lynskey – Longtime Companion
Eileen Casey – The Lea-Green Down
Geraldine Mills – Widows Together
Hélène Cardona – Birnam Wood
Jack Grady – Unconsecrated Ground
Javant Biarujia – Book review of Berni M Janssen’s between wind and water
Jude Cowan Montague – Sand
Lorraine Carey – Our Last Christmas in Dublin
Mary Melvin Geoghegan – In a Distant Landscape
Miceál Kearney – A Different View
Michael Durack – Talking Art
Michael J Whelan – One Hundred Years From Now
Peter O’Neill – Touching on Derrida
Phil Lynch – Footage
Ray Whitaker – The Colors of Ideas
Richard James Allen – The Mysteries of Measurement
Roisín Browne – Wild Food at Cromane
Terry McDonagh – The Making of Fourth Floor Flat
Thomas McCarthy – Why men should study women’s poetry
Tim Dwyer – Homeward


12 DEC P&W Vol Two 2018

Alex Skovron – Prone Gulch
Anne M Carson – Back from the Brink
Arthur Broomfield – The Lifeguard
Brian Kirk – Different Trains
Diane Fahey – Anniversary Visit
Elena Karina Byrne – Underground
Hedy Habra – Meditations Over The Eye of Horus
Ian C Smith – To My Sons
Ingrid Storholmen -Earth Word
James Martyn Joyce – No Pyramid Rising
Jim Burke – Concealing Truths
Joachim Matschoss – Shanghai Street Fugue
John W Sexton – The Dead, The Undying
Julia Deakin – Manna
Kenneth Nolan – The Trip Away
Lynda Tavakoli – Under Wraps
Lynne Thompson – Yang Fuxi Practices
Maria Miraglia – In The Silence
Nasim Basiri – A Forced Departure
Nasrin Parvaz – Walls
Noel Duffy – Closer Than Coldness
Noel Monahan – Aphrodite in the Snow
Owen Gallagher – The Boy Who Swam In The Sky
Randhir Khare – What poetry means to me
Richard Jarrette – It is Never Finished
Ruairí de Barra – Tibnin Bridge
Susan Condon – The Singer
Tobi Alfier – Always Moving

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