Beatriz Copello – A Life Together

Profile Dr Beatriz Copello LE Poetry & Writing Lesbian Poets & Writers February 2018

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A Life Together, poems by Beatriz Copello

Dr Beatriz Copello’s poetry has been published in literary journals such as Southerly and Australian Women’s Book Review and in many feminist publications.  She has read her poetry at events organised by the Sydney Writers Festival, the NSW Writers Centre, at Humboldt University, California and at the Ubud (Bali) Writers Festival. Beatriz has also been invited to read her poetry in Argentina, Italy and Spain. Beatriz was a recipient of an Emerging Writers Grant for Poetry from the Australia Council, Literature Fund. Poetry books by Beatriz Copello are: Women Souls and Shadows, Meditations at the Edge of a Dream, Under the Gums Long Shade, Flowering Roots and Lo Irrevocable del Halcon (In Spanish).  Her play Malinche’s Fire was performed at the Belvoir Theatre Some of Beatriz’s work can be accessed via Smashword:

A Fruit

A Fruit
I want you
to treat me
like  an exotic
desirable   ripe  fruit.
Hold me with your firm hands
press  your nails  against my flesh
like the Greek women do to test for ripeness.
Take me to your nose, smell my skin, permeating
desire,  passion  and saying:  eat me I am your fruit  !
Press your teeth against  my flesh and leave the memory
of your teeth, your saliva dripping with my juices
running down your fingers, your arms, your chest.
Part each segment with your tongue and eat
each and everyone of them with delight
take your time, I am your fruit
eat me, eat me

A Life Together

We met in winter
and holding hands
we shared a reality
interwoven dreams
which were like leaves
dancing in the autumn.
As petals of a red Bromeliad
we opened the door
to our mind and hearts
and we learnt that sombre grey
is made of black and white.
But like Uluru we remained
firm, our feet grounded
our souls ethereal.
Today fighting decay
we raise our glasses
to our eternal future.

The Stats Teacher

She was in my eyes
a goddess, a queen
her kingdom and domain
a dark lecture room
her orb and sceptre
a stumpy piece of chalk.
Hypnotised by her words
I tried to learn about
samples, medians and modes,
paired T Tests and confidence levels.
Statistics became
my favourite subject
although I was
In a continual state of
no comprendo
a word she was saying.
I was null when it came
to writing my essays,
I knew more about her eyes,
her body, her hands,
than about tests of proportions
the bell curve and
dreaded hypothesis.
Exam time was near
my mind a tavola rasa.
One day desperate,
I built up the courage
to visit her office,
the excuse … to find out about
linear progressions
and skew populations.
We talked for hours
in her warm universe
amidst dry flowers,
books, and more books
pencils and mountains of paper.
I gave her a lift home
and she offered me coffee.
I saw in front of my eyes
numbers, singing and dancing
when I kissed her.
After a few day we advanced
in geometrical progression
kisses, coffee, wine
dinner and love making.
In her bed I learnt statistics
and I passed my exams
with a proud high distinction.

© Beatriz Copello