Joachim Matschoss – Haiku 2018

Profile Joachim Matschoss Live Encounters Poetry & Writing March 2018

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Haiku 2018 by Joachim Matschoss

Joachim Matschoss was born in Germany and now lives in Melbourne/Australia. He is a playwright, poet and Theatre-maker. His Theatre Company, ‘Backyard Theatre Ensemble (BYTE)’ presents diverse pieces of theatre all across Melbourne/ Australia and internationally, both Youth Arts and for adults. Joachim has created theatre in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, India, Uzbekistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Hungary, Taiwan, Switzerland and China. Joachim’s poetry is published in Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom and the USA.

they bite the hand that feeds them
(bangkok, february 2018)

I don’t trust those men
what to do about bankers?
abusing our faith.

a walk-in wardrobe in the vatican
(bangkok, february 2018)

jesus humbly dressed
cardinals cloaked in power
and sick luxury

why does the seal applaud with its flippers
(bangkok, february 2018)

please close all the zoos
and no circus animals
and as for seaworld…

reading jose saramango’s ‘blindness’
(bangkok, february 2018)

look if you can see
and observe if you can look
if unjust change it

I’m not religious but I love you
(bangkok, february 2018)

recite all the beads
of our personal rosary
trust’n time equals love

23:59PM, december 31, 1999
(bangkok, february 2018)

the world could’ve ended
Y2K didn’t do its job
but if where’d trump be?

(bangkok, february 2018)

a girl asks her dad:
did you know my friend irene’s black?
he: yes! she: I didn’t.

photograph by joachim matschoss

© Joachim Matschoss