Azril Bacal – Laughter and Tears

Profile Azril Bacal LE Poetry & Writing May 2018

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Laughter and Tears – Haiku and Tankas by Azril Bacal


While looking for
bottles she found daisies
in the garbage


To the flowers that
distract my attention I
call “pensamientos”


Your yellowness
struck me, made me wish to
be green and guard you


Clouds and dreams embraced
while dancing a tango
in the Autumn sky


When a child begins
to explore his world both
smile to each other


Happily caught the
sunlight turns into vine
grape and wine.


Laughter and tears
are sap turned into
music and poems
in voices whose tones
we listen to in poems


Some vowels keep
singing under the full moon
they are crickets
disguised aleph-bets in
the alphabetal darknes


This Fall has fallen
in haste it has stolen
the taste from us
of the summer’s wild berries
of a summer that was not

© Azril Bacal

Azril Bacal is a Peruvian Agricultural Engineer and Sociologist. A university lecturer since 1967 in Perú (UNALM and Catholic University), México, Spain, USA (Humanities Endowement Schollar at Otterbein College, Ohio 1995), Visiting Senior Lecturer on Ethnicity at UCLA (1996) and Sweden: Retired Senior Lecturer at Karlstad University and Uppsala University (2006). Consultant-Expert at UNESCO-OREALC (Santiago de Chile) and at the Instituto Indigenista Interamericano (México) in the 1980s.

Currently, Azril is Senior Researcher affiliated to the “Instituto de la Pequeña Producción Sostenible” (IPPS) at the National Agricultural University La Molina (UNALM) in Perú.

Azril was a member of the Paulo Freire Institute and International Board Member, Currently, he is Board Member of RC-10 on “Participation, Organizational Democracy and Self-Management” (International Sociological Association). Member of the Network “Universidad y Compromiso Social,” Seville, Spain.

He has published extensively on issues of education, cultural diversity, anti-racism, cultures of peace and citizenship. Amongst his publications – ‘Citizenship and National Identity in Latin America: The Persisting Salience of Race and Ethnicity’ in Oommen (ed.), Citizenship and National Identity: From Colonialism to Globalism, 1997; Ethnic Discrimination: Comparative Perspectives, Uppsala Universitet: Research Report from the Department of Sociology ,  1992; 2 ; Ethnic Discrimination in Sweden: Basic Issues and Reflections, Uppsala Universitet: Op. Cit. 1992: 53-69; From Organism to Identity: The Road from Psychology to Social-Psychology. Towards an Epistemology of Self-Determination, University of Karlstad, Department of Social Sciences, Section of Communication, Working Paper 1994; 1. Ethnic Identity Responses of Mexican Americans to Ethnic Discrimination (Gothenburg, 1994), Quality of Working Life and Democratization in Latin America (EID,1991). A poetry book “Refracciones Itinerantes” (Uppsala, 2010) – and currently in press with a second and enlarged edition, Fondo Editorial, UNALM, Perú (2017) In Press.