Live Encounters Publishing

Live Encounters Publishing
We have just launched Live Encounters Publishing.

Live Encounters Publishing is a part of Live Encounters Magazines.

This is an endeavour to publish the works of poets, writers, academics, environmentalists, artists, foodies, photographers, playwrights, etc. in user friendly digital formats. It is a platform for them to showcase their profile and excerpts of some of their previously published work so as to engage with publishing houses, universities, think tanks, companies and others for paid work.

Live Encounters Publishing is not focusing on ‘unpublished work’ but mainly promoting the profiles of artists. It goes without saying that Google will pick this up and soon we will see the individual digital books featuring on it. I have been approached by quite a few poets, writers etc. to provide such a service. However, due to serious financial constraints with Live Encounters Magazines, we cannot offer this service free of cost.

The link – It has been registered today. Presently, this is a free version. Once we receive work for publication, the individual uploads will appear here and the free version of issuu will be converted to a commercial one.

So how does this work?

We will charge a fee of USD 250/- for designing and creating a digital book exclusively featuring your work, selected by you.

This will be uploaded onto the issuu platform. You will be given the link to the issue and a professional pdf in case you want to get print-outs. The link can be embedded on your website (see LE website), its user-friendly mobile version can be shared on watsapp and other social media platforms.  A great way to promote your work!

The USD 250/- includes designing, creating a digital book and uploading, hosting it on issuu for a period of 12 months. After that, if you so wish, you may pay a small sum of USD 50 for every additional year.

You will retain the exclusive copyright of the published digital book.

You choose what you would like to publish under your name.

Mark Ulyseas
17 March, 2024.

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