Caterina Bacal Titus – Children of the Border

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Children of the Border by Caterina Bacal Titus

Caterina Bacal Titus is from an international family and her goal is to create films that address the issue of globalization. She has a great love of cultures and has studied Sanskrit, Hindi, French, and Spanish and performs Indian dances regularly; her current dance interests are salsa and bachata. She holds a Master’s in Professional Writing from Maharishi University of Management, and a BA in Philosophy. As the daughter of peace activists, she was exposed at a young age to the role of the individual in helping society. Her hope is to create progressive and poignant films which ultimately reflect our universality in spite of our differences.

Children of the Border

In that country across the seas
land of the brave, home of the free
they’re just talking about you, they’re not talking about me.

And in this country founded on Vasudhaiva Katumbakam*
we’re one race, we’re undivided,
…the fear of disunity is greater than love.

Lady Liberty holds her torch
her extended arms, beneath her they march.
…underneath her robes are those who flee,
from oppression, war, violence and greed.

Michael says, “We are the world, we are the children’
… a plea,
to all those falsely praying on their knees.

What are borders but gateways to fear?
What are walls but a reminder that here
we are a symbol of all we’re taught in schools
…an illusion…a white wash… clear

We have water, we have nourishment
to care for you all,
but we suppress greatness behind a great wall.

A lifeline, a artery between good and evil
lie abandoned children,

A great prayer of forgiveness we’ll owe the world
this corner of soil, this heart, a string of pearls.
An artery pumping blood, severed arms of a child
under nourished…
In this web of war from time immemorial.

The story of us and them is one to engage
dialogue of a diaspora… a time without disgrace.

Sink to the earth, let the soil of time create roots in our fate
May the ancient beings of love vanquish hate
And take us to a higher realm and place
call our guides to help us halt
the forces of fear as they migrate
from one location to another
on a planet, we sedate.

Calm the rage, the out casting we create –
your wall, your child, we negate.

We are higher than this, these souls from above
Please help us, guide us, in this peril we grudge.
Be the beacon on our journey,
be the candle in our song
be the child we are rescuing from the
bars of Carl Jung.

Open the doors, set them free,
You’re the ancient gate keeper of this timely need.
Thank you… the free and the brave.
We’re looking to you as we unlock this cage.

* Vasudhaiva Katumbakam means The World is my Family

© Caterina Bacal Titus