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Joachim Matschoss – Coffee Fugue

Profile Joachim Matschoss LE Mag October 2018

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Coffee Fugue, Haiku by Joachim Matschoss

Joachim Matschoss was born in Germany and now lives in Melbourne/Australia. He is a playwright, poet and Theatre-maker. His Theatre Company, ‘Backyard Theatre Ensemble (BYTE)’ presents diverse pieces of theatre all across Melbourne/ Australia and internationally, both Youth Arts and for adults. Joachim has created theatre in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, India, Uzbekistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Hungary, Taiwan, Switzerland and China. Joachim’s poetry is published in Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom and the USA. Joachim has authored two books: Rain Overnight: Travels in Asia (2016) and Travels with Myself : Haiku from the Road (2018). They are available directly from him or from good bookshops in Melbourne and on


(melbourne, may 2018)

I like a coffee
okay. what kind of coffee
what? just a coffee.



(melbourne, may 2018)

we are from Houston
want a coffee like at home
sweet and strong and hot



(melbourne, may 2018)

she’s maybe three
turns the spoon like her mother
comes from camberwell



skinny latte
(melbourne, may 2018)

had liposuction
cut down on anything fat
coffee’s her only vice



short black
(melbourne, may 2018)

she’s into design
graphic but also landscape
a soulful hipster



long black – extra hot
(melbourne, may 2018)

tight black jeans, fitted
iphone 8, vutton handbag
ray ban sun glasses



flat white
(melbourne, may 2018)

just bought a new ute
a ladder for the high stuff
barracks for the pies



(melbourne, may 2018)

real estate, that’s her
pencil skirt and stark white blouse
fake lashes and tan


(melbourne, may 2018)

financial advice
numbers and the bottom line
make him so horny



soi latte
(melbourne, may 2018)

she is voting green
wears a high fashion black dress
and a knitted scarf



green tea
(melbourne, may 2018)

she loves almonds
yoga-mat under one arm
she checks her fit bit



piccolo latte
(melbourne, may 2018)

it’s coffee and froth
just the right fix that I need
to attack the day



(melbourne, may 2018)

I just love the word
and I love the icecream too
and frangelico



irish coffee
(melbourne, may 2018)

what’s wrong with whiskey?
9 am in the morning?
you know I’m irish.



chai latte
(melbourne, may 2018)

because of my health
I’m dairy intolerant
and think of the cows!

© Joachim Matschoss

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