Joachim Matschoss – Shanghai Street Fugue

Profile Joachim Matschoss LE P&W Dec V Two 2018

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Shanghai Street Fugue, Haiku by Joachim Matshcoss.

Joachim Matschoss was born in Germany and now lives in Melbourne/Australia. He is a playwright, poet and Theatre-maker. His Theatre Company, ‘Backyard Theatre Ensemble (BYTE)’ presents diverse pieces of theatre all across Melbourne/ Australia and internationally, both Youth Arts and for adults. Joachim has created theatre in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, India, Uzbekistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Hungary, Taiwan, Switzerland and China. Joachim’s poetry is published in Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom and the USA. Joachim’s latest book, Rain Overnight: Travels in Asia, is available directly from him or from good bookshops in Melbourne and on  Amazon.

shanghai street fugue 1
(shanghai, march 2018)

below tangled trees
people seem busy with life
in all its facets

shanghai street fugue 2
(shanghai, march 2018)

a bearded beggar
on the sidewalk plays the flute
cars honk at lovers

shanghai street fugue 3
(shanghai, march 2018)

a uniformed child
an old woman with a cane
lost in people’s flow

shanghai street fugue 4
(shanghai, march 2018)

scented steam from pork
and the sweet exhaust from traffic
life’s loud and dirty

shanghai street fugue 5
(shanghai, march 2018)

a face that doesn’t smile
eyes like down-cast crescent moons
with droopy eyelids

shanghai street fugue 6
(shanghai, march 2018)

a face shaped by smiles
her wrinkles laid a gentle path
toward her forehead

© Joachim Matschoss