Jim Burke – Concealing Truths

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Concealing Truths, poems by Jim Burke

Jim Burke: Lives in Limerick, Ireland, and is Co-founder with John Liddy of The Stony Thursday Book. His poems have appeared in the Shamrock Haiku Journal, the Literary Bohemian, the Crannog Poetry Journal, the Stony Thursday Book, the Revival Poetry Journal, the Shot Glass Journal and the Live Encounters Online Magazine. He is a member of The Irish Haiku Society and is on the committee of the Limerick Writers Centre. Some of his haiku are featured in the anthology Between the Leaves edited by Anatoly Kudryavitsky.

concealing truths…
when there is more than one
bad apple in the barrel


How to Wear Yellow

Yellow is this summer’s hottest colour
says Selfridges.
When the sun comes out
it’s easy to get into the colour mood
embrace Parisian chic with a twist.
Yellow symbolizes wisdom.
Yellow means joy and happiness.
People of high intellect favour yellow.
Yellow daffodils are a symbol
of unrequited love—
Post-it notes are yellow.

Closing in on a Winning Feeling

you roll the sleeping bag tight
pack it inside your rucksack
shuffle your way to Centra
where you count out change
buy morning coffee
and a scratch card
look at that card
it is not useless
it renders you hopeful
first play of the day
you scratch the future
one million miles away
at some river or other
swirling a gold-pan
in your hands

© Jim Burke