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Footage, poems by Phil Lynch

Phil Lynch lives in Dublin. His poems have appeared in a range of literary journals and anthologies and have also been featured on national and local radio in Ireland. He recently won the 2018 Intercompetitive Poetry Competition at Intercollective, Dublin. He was a runner-up in the iYeats Poetry Competition (2014) and has been shortlisted in a number of others in recent years. He is a regular reader/performer at poetry and spoken word events and festivals in Ireland and has also performed at events in Belgium, France, the UK and USA. His collection, In a Changing Light, was published by Salmon Poetry in 2016:


Take me to the snow
so I can roll in it
before it goes
so I can go with it
and when they show
the footage
you will see me
flashing past the lens
so fast
you will have to rewind
many times
before you catch me
in a freeze frame.
Then go back
frame by frame
along the track
I’ve made,
see the shape
I’ve left
fast forward.

Touching 90

He was always touching ninety
up and down the narrow road
taking both sides together
in his latest model ford
turning wheels
clinching deals
until one day, sadly,
his heart gave way.
It probably was the only trip
on which he really did
touch ninety,
just before
he hit the ditch.

Seeing Through

Seeing nothing in the spiralling dark
Seeing all possibilities in the light of an open road
Seeing strange faces and changing shapes along the way

Seeing the helplessness of homelessness
Seeing inaccessibility for the unconnected and unwell
Seeing inhumanity in hundreds and thousands of our welcomes
Seeing people disunited who should not be divided
Seeing sadness in the eyes of an uncherished child
Seeing a loved one struggle with the pain of life
Seeing some seeing but not believing
Seeing some not even seeing

Seeing birds gather for long-distance departure
Seeing Summer colour wither to dull Winter
Seeing a train shrink away into the distance
Seeing lights go out on a slow drive home
Seeing names newly engraved on stone
Seeing the blank space         waiting.

© Phil Lynch