Joachim Matschoss – Haiku Singapore

Profile Joachim Matschoss LE Poetry & Writing April 2018

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HAIKU Singapore by Joachim Matschoss

Joachim Matschoss was born in Germany and now lives in Melbourne/Australia. He is a playwright, poet and Theatre-maker. His Theatre Company, ‘Backyard Theatre Ensemble (BYTE)’ presents diverse pieces of theatre all across Melbourne/ Australia and internationally, both Youth Arts and for adults. Joachim has created theatre in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, India, Uzbekistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Hungary, Taiwan, Switzerland and China. Joachim’s poetry is published in Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom and the USA.

special in the irish pub
(singapore, february 2018)

in muddy murphy’s
one bacon and egg roll just
thirteen bucks today

(singapore, february 2018)

now darkness sets in
frogs start to fly and bats to sing
flowers still do smile

the girl with connections
(singapore, february 2018)

left hand candy crush
right hand typing skyping lol
emoji phone three

(singapore, february 2018)

landed in changi
fake cherry blossoms ev’rywhere
it’s chinese new year

supermarket checkout mantra
(singapore, february 2018)

we do it this way!
two apples wrapped in plastic
into plastic bag

at the top of orchard road
(singapore, february 2018)

girls on the sidewalk
are waiting for drunk old men
they should be at school

mortality or the butterfly in a cafe
(singapore, february 2018)

piece of cake on plate
butterfly lands and gets stuck
waitress cleans table

(singapore, february 2018)

study at starbucks
wifi and frappochino
head down, headphones in


© Joachim Matschoss