Bernadette Gallagher – Resting place

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Resting place, poems by Bernadette Gallagher

Bernadette Gallagher was born in Donegal, Ireland in 1959. Her poems explore the nuances of memory and experience and have been published in Irish Examiner, Boyne Berries, ROPES, Stanzas, in the US peace journal DoveTales and online at HeadStuff.orgPicaroon PoetryPoetheadThe IncubatorLive Encounters and Irish Poetry Archive UCD.

Resting Place

I once eyed an owl perched on the ditch.
I stopped the car and watched transfixed.

The same spot where first we glanced a field
sloped to merge with ancient trees – now

flattened by man and his machine. Trees cut
into small pieces. No resting place for owls.

A Toddler Shows the Way

He toddles up, down and across
the doctor’s waiting room.

Smiles all round
as he looks each in the eye.

No inhibitions, no barriers
to gender, age, religion, class.


In memoriam J.J.J.

you look out the window
at the field below
talk of daffodils
then slowly
walk to your bed
where you sleep
for the last time.


For Ann Sheehan

Her porcelain collection
once so precious –
placed in a glass fronted press
to be viewed, not touched.

After, we all took a piece
and let the rest
find new homes.

© Bernadette Gallagher