Maria Miraglia – In The Silence

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In The Silence, poems by Maria Miraglia

Maria Miraglia was born and lives in Italy. She graduated in Foreign Languages and Literatures from the University of Bari; she got an HLC from the Trinity College, UK; her first master’s degree from the University Aldo Moro in Bari, the second one from the UNI3 University in Rome. She collaborated with the Italian Department of Education for the Modular Approach to the Teaching of Modern Foreign Languages. Teacher in high secondary state schools, Lecturer for foreign language teachers. Maria has been an active member of Amnesty International for a long time, she herself Founder and President of World Foundation for Peace, Member of the Human Rights Observatory. Poet and Translator. A Founding Member and Literary Director of the  Italian Cultural Association P. Neruda, Honorary Member of Nationes Unidas de las Letras, Editor-in-Chief of Galaktika Poetike Autunis and member of the editorial office of Ourpoetry Archive,  member of the  Editorial Advisory Board of Sahitya Anand. Maria collaborates for poetry with numerous national and international newspapers and magazines. Her poems have been translated into many foreign languages and are featured in numerous anthologies. Her works include the poetry anthologies:  Petali tra le Nuvole, Whispers From the Blue, Dancing in the Wind and Seagulls in the Blue. Author of Le Più Grandi Opere del Poeta Laureato Yayati Madan Gandhi Translated by Maria Miraglia, author and publisher of Antologia Poetica. Her latest production, the bilingual poetry anthology Stars Dust which has been launched in Cracovia, Romania at the World Festival of Poetry-2018. She has been awarded national and international prizes.


I have no dresses for me
never go out to breathe fresh air
nor ever meet people
complains one-day Consciousness
I also want to take my walks and
see the sun
I’m tired to be silent
kept locked inside
Quickly Man replied
everyone knows
you are not used
to wear any clothes
Those are just for me
It’ s up to me
to face the seasons
stay there, do not claim
what is not for you
Most of the times
it’s windy or rainy
and even in spring
weather can be bad
If you come out
you’ll easily  find  yourself
in the midst of  storms

In The Silence

It almost scares me
this intimate feeling of peace
deep penetrating
that gives the sense of suspension
of detachment

Noises and anxieties
seem to have vanished
in the sweet air
of  the summer eve

But a sudden thought
like the hoarse cawing
of a crow
among goldfinches
merrily twittering
disturbs my quietness

How long will it last
I wonder
in the silence
the fright of the elusive
of the unpredictable
poisons the air

And the fear
of impending storms
destroying the garden of roses
with care cultivated
over the time
invades my mind and spirit

The Moon

I get close to the window
of my lonely room and
with my hand shape a circle
on the fogged glass
to see outside
some lampposts dimly enlighten
the deserted avenue where
a stray cat is in search of a shelter
and  the leaves of the alders
seem to tremble
in the wind
faintly come from afar
the noises of the cars
still coming and going

The moon and her flickering maidens
framed in the great canvas
spread their white light
while watching over the men’s dreams
how many the  secrets they keep
of us  on earth and
our troubled lives
night after night
with synchronous rotation
never tired
never complaining
to follow the celestial order
over and over again


Rapt by you Dawn
by your uncertain colours
shyly breaking the deep dark
of nights
by the first bizarre twirls
of the birds
in the light air
with you there
to awaken Men
to a new day
I could stay for hours
to admire you silently
while wondering about the mystery
of light and gloom

How many more sunrises
will I be a witness
before the unwanted call
of the Grim Reaper
invite me to go
naked and without burdens
but the hidden secrets
kept in my soul

I’ll then think back to life
to the world
to the early hours of the mornings
their rose-pink light
and still feel amazement
and a sense of melancholic nostalgia.

© Maria Miraglia