2019 LE P&W

01 JANUARY P&W 2019

Amedeo – Nature
Annabel – Frost
Antara Gopalan – Sunflower
Aoife Casey – Sleepy Juice
Ava – Utopian Dystopia
Bartek – Ice
Beatrise – Winter has come
Callum Casey – Taking Part
Cathal Casey – Some Words…
Cheryl – Durian
Dublin Schoolchildren – The Blue Reindeer
Elise Carey-McGibney – Winter’s Magic
Ella Skye Hackney – Standing Up
Euan – What I See In a Hamburg Morning
Eva Hurst – My Collection of Poems
Ferdi – The Ice
Fiona Mao – If I could be a tree
Hanna Le Han Mao – Dream
Ivo Toulouse – Our Time
Jan – Bunnies
Jenny – The me you don’t see
Keshav – Winter in Hamburg
Lilian Baraka – At The Sea
Liliane Brusa – I watched
Lilly – Outside
Lisa Weber – The Monster Within
Mae Browner – Excited Ed!
Maja – Bunnies
Miuccia Schmid – Illusion
Nick – Leaves and Trees
Oscar – It’s so cold
Rebecca O’Neill – Argo
Saoirse Casey – Moonlight
Sarah – Objects of Much Importance
Shalev Cohen – Life is not a photo
Sophia – I Freeze
Sørensen Madsen – Trick-or-Treating
Teagan Parry – A House on Fire
Terry McDonagh – Guest Editorial Children’s Edition
Toini Ravola – The Raft
Zoe – Frost


02 FEBRUARY P&W 2019
Angela Topping – The Gift
Cathy Altmann – Lascia ch’io pianga
Christopher Merrill – On Orthodoxy
David Rigsbee – Canto XXIX
Edward O’Dwyer – An Act of Fatherhood
Graham Allen – In a Time of Terror
Hugh Hazelton – Temples
Jack Grady – The Dragons of Tet
Jean O’Brien – Words Speak Us
Jeannine Hall Gailey – Last Flowers
Joel Deane – What we saw
John Sibley Williams – Cradlesong
John W Sexton – The Human Epoch…
Ken Meisel – The Erotics of Men, Women and Cars
Kevin Higgins – Advice To A Modern Odysseus
Liz McSkeane – Leopold’s Violin
Lorna Shaughnessy – Wherein
Mary Guckian – Agapanthus
Miceál Kearney – Browser History
Pippa Little – Last Moment
Susan Millar DuMars – Horatio, After
Tim Cumming – Well Loved Tales



Children Contributors
Geraldine Mills – The Songs of Children


03 MARCH P&W 2019

Anne Casey – Portrait of a woman walking home
Anne Walsh Donnelly – To My Fifty-year-old Self
Chad Norman – No Longer
Claudine Nash – Somewhere a Storm Rises
Eleanor Hooker – From my Hazel Wood
John W Sexton – Asimov via Ouija
Laura Foley – The Mind of a Day
Mary O’Donnell – True Space
Paul Bregazzi – The Cherry Tree
Richard Krawiec – The Dark
Scott Thomas Outlar – Violins with Falsetto
Terry McDonagh – The Chanting of Hoofbeats



Eileen Casey – The Mouths of Babes – Guest Editorial
Children Contributors


04 APRIL P&W 2019

Anton Floyd – Moveable Feasts
Brad Buchanan – Recurrent Dreams of Flight
Bui Kim Anh – For My Dear Thien Nhan
Catherine Ann Cullen – The Measure of My Song
Daragh Bradish – Summer Passage
Dr Greta Sykes – The sharp truth
Hongri Yuan – Two Poems
Jane Lovell – Song of the Salt Breeze
John W Sexton – Guest Editorial
Raeesa Usmani – Indelible Imprint
Roz Morris – Not a phone person



Children Contributors April 2019
Noel Monahan – Poems for Children



Children Contributors May 2019
Nessa O’Mahony – Guest Editorial


05 MAY P&W 2019

Ali Whitelock – How
Anne Fitzgerald – Pilgrimage to a Stranger
Beth Copeland – Kundalini Rising
Bob Shakeshaft – Song of the last
Bùi Kim Anh – Rhythms of Sunlight
Colette Nic Aodha – Tara
Eamonn Lynskey – Duende
Gillie Davies – Letting Go
Kevin Higgins – Three Poems
Laura J. Braverman – For Sappho
Patricia Sykes – Field of Blue and Gold
Peter O’Neill – Origins
Polly Richardson – Mavericks
Theresa Griffin Kennedy – The Brilliances



Alicia – A Pirate’s Treasure
Angelina – Stone Hearts
Britney – Memory’s Song
Cathy Altmann – Guest Editorial
Gracie – The Robber, The Robbed
Jessica – My Obsessive Thoughts
Kethmi – Seeing/Believing
Leni – Confusion
Rhea – A Mirage of Freedom
Rita – The Mask
I learn of division from The Age of Two

Sarah – The Pickpocket’s Waltz
Victoria – Rain Song


06 JUNE P&W 2019

Alisa Velaj – Land of Storms
Brian Kirk – The Shortcut to Great Writing
Danijela Trajković – The Book
Ian C Smith – Lost Language of Trains
Irene Kyffin – Along the way
James Martyn Joyce – Falling in the Garden
Jim Meirose – Take a Letter Mister Chickie
John Maxwell O’Brien – An excerpt from Aloysius the Great
Mary Scheurer – Two Poems
Peter O’Neill – War Poems



Adela Blaustein – The Fox’s Journey
Ashley – Substitution
Claudine Nash – Guest Editorial
Eliza – Creation
Ella Skye Hackney – Beautiful
Iris Miller – Waterfall of Words
Kunchaka Fonseka – A Demonic Grace
Max Kurant – Goodbye, New York
Miranda Carlson – Sunflower
Shivani Persaud – Raw
Zoe – Yiayia’s Hands


07 JULY P&W 2019

Alicia Hoffman – Alexa Plays Miles Davis
Ann Christine Tabaka – Living Water
Cath Campbell – The Colours of Freedom
David Ratcliffe – Unreliable Witness
Hongri Yuan – Soul an Invisible Muse
Jack Grady – The Murderers of Joshua Spooner
Maurice Devitt – The Fear of Being
Nessa O’Mahony – Homestead
Peter O’Neill – Two Sonnets
Richard James Allen – Guest Editorial
Rosemary Jenkinson – The Lottery of Strangers
Susan Condon – The Sleeping Landscape


08 AUGUST P&W 2019

Angela Patten on Anton Floyd’s Falling into Place
David Rigsbee – The Keep of Poetry in the Time of Trump
Dorian Stoilescu – Separation
Dr Greta Sykes – Dark Heart
Dr Wendy J Dunn on Anne Casey’s latest book
Hedy Habra – Two Poems
Jack Grady on Terry McDonagh’s latest book of poems
Joachim Matschoss – Monkey in Singapore
John Maxwell O’Brien – Aloysius the Great Excerpt II
Michael Durack – Air Walking
Mysti S Milwee – Paper Dawn
P D Dennison – Candy Cane Park
Tim Cumming – The Wind Guru


08 AUGUST Young P&W 2019

Live Encounters Young Poets & Writers Contributors
Mary Melvin Geoghegan – Guest Editorial



Christopher Merrill – Guest Editorial – Funeral Sentences
Gareth Writer-Davies — Artificial Flowers
Hongri Yuan – Wine of Soul
Jack Grady – Bloodline
James Walton – Cockroach Meditation
Kevin Higgins on Anne Walsh Donnelly’s The Woman With An Owl Tattoo
Magi Gibson – Menopausal Thunderstorm
Maria Castro Dominguez – Insomnia
Martina Evans on Tim Cumming’s Knuckle
Nina Kossman – Lament For Odysseus
Sandra Yannone – Tulips in Fall
Susan Azar Porterfield on Hedy Habra’s The Taste of the Earth
Terry McDonagh – The Piper of Treenabontry


10 OCTOBER P&W 2019

Anne Fitzgerald – Where were you
Attracta Fahy -Love Poem
Elsa Korneti – Water of the Ancestors
Joachim Matschoss – The Actor
John Maxwell O’Brien – Aloysius the Great Excerpt III
Kathleen Mary Fallon – Police State
Kevin Cowdall – The Sorrowful Magpie
Peter O’Neill – Carolina Medina’s Dublin Exhibition
Sheng Keyi – Battle of the Wombs


12 DEC Young P&W 2019

Geraldine Mills – Saving Words, Guest Editorial
Abbie Mcloughlin – The Pencil
Adam Duke – Fur Coats Dreaming
Adam Gavin – Pencil Dreaming
Aidan Keane – Football Training
Aidan Mohan – Mickey Mouse
Alexander Sun – Fish Heads
Alwyn – Dinosaur Hunters
Amrita – Quiddity
Angelina – Their Flesh, My Bone
Annie Mohan – The Sad Girl
Aoibhín O Connor – Coat Dreaming
Britney – A Dip in Flight
Caoimbhe McLoughlin – Flowers Dreaming
Caoimhe – Halloween
Charlotte Gillan – Jack and The Geraldstalk
Chloe Joyce – A Book Dreaming
Clementine Lavelle – Fox Dreaming
Clodagh O’Toole – Pencil
Dubheasa O’ Connor – Till The Cows Come Home
Ella Skye Hackney – A Poem To Help You Achieve In Life
Ellieann O’Toole – Wood
Ethan Dooley – Ashes In A Bin
Evan – Ghost Story
Francis – Spooky Night
Grace Carey – Froggy
Isobel Walsh – Captured
Jack – A Dog Day
Jack Acton – Chicken Bones
Jason – My Dog
Kethmi and Victoria – Fruit of Life
Kieran Ryan – The Robbery
Laszlo Sipos – Bear
Laura Malone – Paper Thinking Back
Leah – The White Witch
Macdara – Spinning Squirrel
Maia Barry – A Pencil’s Dream
Majka Janus – Paper
Maksymilian Waligorski – Paper
Molly McDonagh – Why won’t John wake up?
Oisin Foyle – The Moose
Rachel Abraham – Chicken Bones
Simran – I Once Was A Child
Siofra Gannon – Shark Fin Soup
Stephen Dickinson – The Broken Pencil
Zoe – The Ghost


12 DEC P&W Vol One 2019

Alex Skovron – The Studebaker
Alisa Velaj – The Tree Child
Angela Topping – He Comes to Me
Anne Casey – Blow Wind Blow
Anne Fitzgerald – Notes My Brother Left in Block Capitals
Anne M Carson – Cocoons spun from dreams
Anne Walsh Donnelly – How Did You Know?
Arthur Broomfield – The case of two handbags
Attracta Fahy – Komorebi
Beatriz Copello – Australia
Brian Kirk – Fear and Trembling
Cathy Altmann – Crochet and Crying
Chad Norman – A Raven’s Sermon
Christopher Merrill – A Minor House
Claudine Nash – The Making of a Memory
Colin Dardis – Greater Than Zero
Donna Prinzmetal – In the song called Home
Doreen Duffy – Letting Go
Emma Barone – Irish Artist
Faye Boland – Discordance
Frances Browner – Hungry for Love
Ian C Smith – An Intaglio of Words
Ingrid Storholmen – New Earth
James Walton – Uncaged animals
Jane Williams – Cafe Diversions
Joachim Matschoss – Still Life Woman with Rat
John Maxwell O’Brien – Aloysius the Great Excerpt IV
John Sibley Williams – Stunted Generations
John W Sexton – from Visions at Templeglantine
Kathleen Mary Fallon – Mamdouh Habib
Kenneth Nolan – Transformation Sonnet
Liz McSkeane – Lessons
Lorna Shaughnessy – American Red
Lynda Tavakoli – Breast Talk
Marion May Campbell – Sleep of the old she-wolf
Mary Melvin Geoghegan – Children of the Revolution
Michael Durack – No Way To Say Goodbye
Nessa O’Mahony – The Lovers of Ardoo
Niall Cahir – A True Departure
Nina Kossman – See How They Watch You
Noel Duffy – Wild Cherries
Peter O’Neill – Ballybaa
Polly Richardson – Gorse
Randhir Khare – LIGHT DANCE After Rumi
Roisín Browne – Saoirse
Rosemary Jenkinson – You and the Britbabes: 1997
Stephen Haven – Vacuum
Suniti Namjoshi – Dangerous Pursuits
Susan Azar Porterfield – House Poems
Terry McDonagh – Live Encounters Ten Years On


12 DEC P&W Vol Two 2019

Alicia Hoffman – Radio Silence
Angela Patten – Slow Time
Anton Floyd – Honey and Onions
Breda Wall Ryan – Small Histories
Charlotte Innes – Tar
Colette Nic Aodha – Quill
Cynthia Schwartzberg Edlow – Robust
Daniel Lusk – On Goose Pond
David Rigsbee – Seferis, Kizer, Keeley…
Dorian Stoilescu – Innocent Games
Eamonn Lynskey – The Safety of Numbers
Edward O’Dwyer – Milk
Eileen Casey – Jharkhand Woman
Eleanor Hooker – Lifeboat
Geraldine Mills – The Animal of Her Body
Greta Sykes – Tips for Men
Hedy Habra – To My Friend from Peru
Jack Grady – A Prophet Self-Censored
Jean O’Brien – Firing Line
Jeannine Hall Gailey – In the In-Between
Jim Burke – Sun’s Up
Laura J Braverman – Mantra
M L Williams – Late Thunderstorm
Margaret Bradstock – Living Statues
Maria Castro Dominguez – What You Take With You
Maria Miraglia – Appearances
Maria Wallace – Looking at the rain
Mary Scheurer – Alcochaete
Maurice Devitt – Only Connect
Miceál Kearney – Renovations
Noel Monahan – Nun’s Graveyard
Patricia Sykes – Letter to a Pseudonym
Paul Bregazzi – Ophelia
Perie Longo – Survival
Phil Lynch – Christmas Present
Richard Jarrette – Slender Oat Stalks Bow
Robin Morgan – These Hands
Ron Carey – Down from the North
Ruairí de Barra – Finding None
Sandra Yannone – Ode to Breakfast
Susan Condon -The Stranger on the Train
Theresa Griffin Kennedy – For the Dead who Live
Thomas McCarthy – On Becoming a Whole Poet
Tim Cumming – Play
Tim Dwyer – Completing the Canticle
Tobi Alfier – The Patio


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