Sarah – Objects of Much Importance

Sarah LE P&W Children Jan 2019

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Objects of Much Importance, poems by Sarah

Sarah is a year 8 student in Melbourne, Australia. She likes playing piano and double bass, as well as writing poetry. Her favourite series is ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ by Douglas Adams. This short collection of poems is inspired by a visit to the Rigg Design Prize exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria.

The Phone

A powerful little device,
So small it can fit in your hand,
Its usage sometimes considered a vice,
But it connects us throughout the land.

Some images are bright,
Causing a brief moment of cheer,
Other images, just might,
Add to our world full of fear.

A place where we consume ideas,
A world of hope and joys,
However this sometimes disappears,
To a world of fake news and ploys.

We can talk to anyone, anywhere,
In our darkest times, in desperation,
Although this can lead to more despair,
Due to the miscommunication.

So give a cheer for the revolutionary object,
Shout for joy that we have the phone,
But may I just interject,
That we have never felt so alone.

The Pen

This object so simple and so small,
Is the one which makes change capable,
This item is used by all,
Yet sits humbly on your table.

This object has changed humanity,
It writes the laws,
It is suppose to create a better society,
Constantly opening and closing doors.

The pen writes stories and anecdotes,
Tales of joy and woe,
As well as inspirational quotes,
Causing us to make friends of foes.

This object unleashes the power,
Writers have within themselves,
Injustices and inequalities cower,
From this little object found on shelves.

So do not underestimate,
But give it new ideas to pursue,
As whilst it could exterminate,
It could also give the world great virtue.

The Bed

Look to the corner, and you will see,
A place of restoration,
Enter it and you will be,
In the world of dreams and imagination.

A place of safety and security,
A place to relax and restore,
To be able to attain peace and tranquility,
A good sleep is at the core.

A home simply is,
A place to rest,
A place to escape a crisis,
And the bed does this best.

All need a bed,
No matter wealth or age,
Even in death we rest our head,
Seen in life at every stage.

And so I ask you,
Can it not be said?
That there is no one who,
Could go without a bed.

The Table

Whilst it might not at first come to mind,
When considering an object of importance,
The table is the only of its kind,
So on this small list has the most relevance.

Why is the table so important?
Because it is where we meet with others,
And anyone with a brain that is competent,
Knows to spend time with sisters and brothers.

A place where we communicate,
Sharing stories of grief and joy,
Where together we can create,
Although sometimes we destroy.

It is where our foundations are built,
Here we gather, rest and feast,
We share our sorrow and guilt,
And plan to destroy the beast.

Our world is full of distaste,
But together we are able,
To forge a better place,
As discussions make things changeable,
Hence, the significance of the table.

© Sarah