Antara Gopalan – Sunflower

Antara Gopalan LE P&W Children Jan 2019

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Sunflower, poems by Antara Gopalan

Antara Gopalan is thirteen years old. She is from England and India. She studies at Bonn International School (BIS).  Antara likes to read, draw and paint, and gymnastics.    


I’m a bright yellow sunflower,
Always loyal to the sun,
Searching through this world to find a bright ray

Positive energy

And through all the negative energy
I found yours, your positive energy

Drowning out the sadness

I’m drowning out the sadness.
In the loud music,
And in small doodles

What do you do

What do you do when the one constant,
The one thing that makes sense,
The one thing that’s always there,

© Antara Gopalan