Cheryl – Durian

Cheryl LE P&W Children Jan 2019

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Durian, poem by Cheryl

Cheryl is a Year 8 student in Melbourne, Australia. She enjoys playing various team sports, like netball and soccer, as well as playing the piano, violin and saxophone. She likes writing poetry and particularly enjoys reading anything in the fantasy genre. She has entered the school public speaking competition and was one of the finalists. 

They say he’s rough around the edges.
Prickly, intimidating, scary and tough,
so they do not touch him.
Mrs DePlum finds him revolting.
Some think that his stench is quite confronting,
His l’odeur de parfum is an undesirable whiff.
So they do not approach him.

Anyone near him is,
Awarded a badge of association,
so you avoid him.

I wonder,
why we fear individuality,
judging things which should be celebrated.
Perhaps an outstretched hand,
would make the impossible possible?

An extended arm,
a chance offered,
to the discriminated.

I easily discover beauty within.
A soft, appealing character,
one whom no one would have known,
if nobody had been willing to take a chance,
the opportunity for a beautiful, unique and fruitful friendship.

They say to never judge a book by its cover,
but they make assumptions based on the outward appearance,
will they learn that to truly accept oneself,
one must accept others?

© Cheryl