Hanna Le Han Mao – Dream

Hanna Le Han Mao LE P&W Children Jan 2019

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Dream, poem by Hanna Le Han Mao

Hanna Le Han Mao, aged ten years, is from China. She is in the 4th Grade at Bonn International School (BIS) . Her hobbies include reading, drawing, watching movies and making cakes.

As your eyes close and your breathing slows,

You hop on a beautiful train which leads you to a magical, enchanted land.

You step down on a cloud,
and think, ”Is this actually true?”

Your breathing stops, and your eyes pop open.

Shock is what you feel.

Ladies dance in purple dresses,
while they laugh and talk to each other.

And ribbons twirl in their hair.

They fly over rainbows,

They fly over streams.

They dance on and on…
Forever, it seems.

You can ride on a star,

You can float on water.

And wherever you are, you always feel happy.

Then you hear the sound of piano,

it says you’ll have to go.

So you wake up with the sunrise,
and your heart is filled with joy.

© Hanna Le Han Mao