Jenny – The me you don’t see

Jenny LE P&W Children Jan 2019

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The me you don’t see, poem by Jenny

Jenny is a Year 8 student in Melbourne, Australia . She likes art and writing poetry. Her favourite author is Tui T. Sutherland. This poem was inspired by a visit to the Rigg Design Prize exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria.

The me you see,
A white box, A plain exterior,
An unstained white piece of paper,
Exterior of innocence.
A decoration,
Placed on a pedestal made of glass.
You’ll treat me like
A foul, An ignorant child,
A bird kept in a cage with great expectations.

The me you see,
Smiles and laughter,
A happiness that reeks
Of sunshine and flowers,
the naivety of an adolescent idiot.
The me you see,
An Asian girl,
With the same hair,
The same eyes,
The same look, Like everyone else.

The things that you don’t see,
Behind the black eyes,
Underneath the black hair,
Buried 6 feet under ,
A heart locked away,
Broken and bruised,
Tense on the verge
Of breaking into a million pieces.
In the world that you don’t see,
The nightmares,

The hallucinations,
Eating away my will to live,
My determination to see another day,
The grotesque figures,
Their touch,
Fire burning through my skin like paper.
Their voice,
Slowly eroding my brain like acid.
A symphony of ridicule and mockery.
Flooding into my brain,

Like a dam that has opened its gates.
Ravaging through my head,
Until I can no longer stand,
The guilt, anxiety and depression
Upon my shoulders.
Succumbing to the weight,
As it pushes me down
Into jeopardy,
Silently suffocating,
The me you don’t see.

© Jenny