Ava – Utopian Dystopia

Ava LE P&W Children Jan 2019

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Utopian Dystopia, poem by Ava

Ava is a Year 8 student in Melbourne, Australia. She enjoys learning in general and has a particular interest in IT. She is part of her school’s netball club and learns tennis and gymnastics outside of school. This poem was inspired by her visit to the Rigg Design Prize exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria.

A word formerly used
to describe the world
we used to live in.
A world where
tomorrow was just a dream
and today was all that mattered.
A world where we had infinite time
to explore the stars
that littered the sky
and were free
to do whatever we wanted.

the time slips away from us.
We look up at the empty sky
and we realise
that world was
nothing but a dream.
It was not perfect.
It was far from it.
It was a place where the day’s end
was not a dream.
Tomorrow was real
and always it always arrived.
That old world was
simply dysfunctional.
It was not compatible
with the real world.
The real world was a place
where nothing was perfect.

© Ava