Lilian Baraka – At The Sea

Lilian Baraka LE P&W Children Jan 2019

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At  The Sea, poem by Lilian Baraka

My name is Lilian Baraka (from Austria) and I am twelve years old. I study at Bonn International School (BIS). I really enjoy writing and the reason why I really like this poem is because it reminds me of a beach in Myanmar (where I used to live) and I can share lots memories with it.

I am waiting, waiting for the perfect wave.

Then, I see it slowly coming, putting on its splashing crown and within the whirling
waters I am rushing to the shore. Being one with everything.

I am running over thousands of pebbles but their rubbing makes no sound, just the
wind that whistles.

At my Sandy Castle, there is battle with the waves. At one fell swoop, mighty towers
turning mud and I laugh and laugh.

In my bed, In the dark I am listening to the waves going back and forth and with every
splash and roar and the hermit crabs at shore. I feel part of everything.

© Lilian Baraka