Ashley – Substitution

Profile Ashley LE Child Mag July 2019

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Ashley is a Townsend Harris High School Sophomore and Member of The Phoenix’s writing staff.


When your heart breaks
You look down at your hands, and you see hands
But when you look around you see everything
Created was created by hands
So why do we need hearts?

If their hands sculpted the nation
then why can’t we build new creations?
Every other damned human fixation
in this cruel world is nothing but a substitute for human relation.

Focusing our energy into projects, into schemes, creating that drive,
So maybe one day the moment arrives
Where we feel fulfilled-and the sky
will once again be clouded with lies,
That we are loved, when we are really only satisfied.

Take your pills to prevent you from going insane
Because at the end of the day,
you don’t know the games
Being played inside your own brain
Where your satisfaction turns into not even a fraction of what is used to be-
you will find that pain.

Because the only remedy in this maddened world
is not a distraction to cause satisfaction,
Not a waste of time to give you a run for your money,
Not a use for your hands when they aren’t wrapped around another,
The only cure for a broken heart is love.

© Ashley