Danijela Trajković – The Book

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The Book by Danijela Trajković

 Translated by Danijela Trajković and Pedro López  Adorno

Danijela Trajković is a poet, short story writer, translator and reviewer. She holds an MA in English language and literature from the Faculty of Philosophy in Kosovska Mitrovica, Serbia. Her work has been translated into Russian, Spanish, Romanian, Arabic, English, Bulgarian, Czech, Slovakian, Macedonian and published in journals, newspapers and anthologies worldwide, the most recent in ‘World Poetry Almanac’ (2017-2018, edited by Dr Hadaa Sendoo, Mongolia) and ‘Atunis Galaxy Anthology –  2019’ (editor in chief: Agron Shele, Belgium) Danijela’s first book ‘22 Wagons’ (Selected Anglophone Contemporary Poetry) was published by Academy of Arts, Knjaževac, Serbia, 2018.

Once upon a time there was a little shy boy with the sweetest name in the world – Antonio. He spent most of his time reading books. One day he found in a book a little girl named Vera. Antonio was aware of the fact that she was the girl who could finally accompany him in all his adventures. The book became his favorite one, so precious that he hid it in a secret place so no other boy could ever find it, touch it, open it, look at it, read it. Every day he went to the secret place, taking out the book, holding it so gently as if was made from glass, pressing it against his heart, opening it with his beautiful fingers, reading it with his dark, unique eyes. He could feel, almost hear the breathing of the girl. He could swear that her chest moved up and down while he was looking in the book. As time passed he was seeing many things that the girl was doing, like raising her eyes and looking at him, smiling, touching his face, holding his hand, even talking to him. He felt like never before. He didn’t want to detach himself from the book, but the fear that some other boy could steal it, kept him all the time carrying his treasure with him. So, after several hours of magical moments spent with the book daily, he would leave it in the secret place.

And all of a sudden, Fall came bringing with it many colors that impressed the little boy. There were trees everywhere. He loved them! He was enchanted by those fall colors that he started visiting the book less and less.

Then Winter came. He remembered that he hadn’t open the book for weeks. The problem was that he didn’t like to leave his warm room nor the fire that gave such a lazy and pleasant feeling.

But when Winter was gone he decided to go back to the secret place and see his book. Upon reaching the secret place, he found the book and, when he opened it, he turned pale. The little girl was gone.

Gone like Winter.

© Danijela Trajković