Claudine Nash – Somewhere a Storm Rises

Claudine Nash LE P&W March 2019

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Somewhere a Storm Rises, a poem by Claudine Nash

Claudine Nash is a psychologist and award-winning poet whose collections include The Wild Essential (Aldrich Press: Kelsay Books, 2017) and Parts per Trillion (Aldrich Press: Kelsay Books, 2016) as well as the chapbook The Problem with Loving Ghosts  (Finishing Line Press, 2014). She has also edited three anthologies of poetry, most recently Epiphanies and Late Realizations of Love (Transcendent Zero Press, forthcoming). Her poetry has earned numerous literary distinctions including Pushcart Prize nominations and prizes from such publications and artistic organizations as Artists Embassy International, Thirty West Publishing House, The Song Is… and Eye on Life Magazine among others.  Internationally published, her poems have appeared in a wide range of magazines and anthologies including Asimov’s Science Fiction, BlazeVOX, Cloudbank, Haight Ashbury Literary Journal and Dime Show Review. Website:

Somewhere a Storm Rises

While you
were busy

from the
of being

but the thing
you were
meant to be,

a field was

in you,

there was
a stream

there was
an ocean
and a lake

to flood
your heart
to life.


the rain still
pounds a rhythm
strong enough
for you to hear

during your
driest hours.

A storm is
moving and
you are starting
to think more
like sky.

Perhaps tomorrow
a downpour
will soak
the driest corners
of you and

you will
feel a marsh

in you

some lush
notion will

© Claudine Nash