Gillie Davies – Letting Go

Gillie Davies LE P&W May 2019

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Letting Go, poems by Gillie Davies

From the Welsh Marches, Gillie attributes her love of poetry to her late father John.  She won her first competition aged 8, when her poem Swing High, featured on the local radio. She took the audacious leap, to a life afloat in 2006! “It is not for the lazy or faint-hearted, but often it’s solitary, then I write prolifically” she says. Living aboard her sailing yacht Tuppenny, they are currently in SE Asia, heading East to the South China Sea, later this year.
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Book: Oceans of My Soul (Solo Sailing the South China Sea)

Letting Go

It’s a lonely place
Letting go
Have you let go those demons
Did you taste the devils honey on your lips
I fill my lonely with the broken ones
Those who are on the edge of normal
I’m fearful of it
What would happen if I lost my words
Would I be nothing to you then
I may already be
Knowing that I don’t know
Feels sweet yet bitter
Like the whiskey you pour in my glass
Not nothing to me
We still have our path to walk you and I
Could you
Just possibly
Hold my hand as we walk

Tricks on My Mind

Light plays tricks on my mind
I was sure you called to say something
but your words were empty
what was your purpose then
intensify the dying flame
how do you know it does that
the sound of your voice
its then that the longing starts
that old familiar ache in my veins
feelings I thought I had under control
you know I am waiting for your touch
that I will be ready for you
flower stamens open to receive the bee

I see

I can see from here
the outline of the muscles on your chest
and I long to touch you
to be the beauty I am in my head and heart
stroking you and feeling the strength in your core
you don’t know I see
how you stand in your private moments
reflecting on the things you’ve done
the hearts you’ve broken
those smiles you tore from another’s face
with your betrayal and meanness
and how I long to find that softness in your belly
where your small creature lives
hidden away from the world
those fears and uncertainties you locked in a box
are just waiting
for your moments of vulnerability
then I’ll have the key
twist it swiftly in the lock and bam!
you’ll be knocked out of kilter
I can see you still
now searching for the why’s
trying to reason it all with your self-recriminations
diluting your actions with fictitious justifications
did you bring this on yourself?
No! surely your motives were clear and better to be honest right?
except you weren’t were you
your honesty came with lust
which is such a sweet talker
such a smooth, subtle shifter
a player in the game of self-gratification
disguising itself as a heart bursting with the joy of love
rather than the groin of desire and self-serving want
all this I know about you
your truths and your lies
yet still I long to hold the you in the sepia image
and rest my head in the beauty of your body

The Happiest Man

Speak to me a story
a beautiful one
where you find the light is perfect for a photograph
where the laughter from your children causes a single tear
of a day when the breath on the breeze smells of frangipani
so as to whisk away any thought of care
a moonglow dusts off the shelves of anguish
you can be for one enthralling moment
the happiest man
and I can feel the joy course through my soul

© Gillie Davies