Lisa Weber – The Monster Within

Lisa Weber LE P&W Children Jan 2019

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The Monster Within, poem by Lisa Weber

Lisa Weber, born in Germany and raised in the USA, is a 9th grader at Bonn International School (BIS). She enjoys writing in her free time. She tends to spend her weekends reading and hanging out with her friends. In the future, she hopes to study business and marketing in order to become a marketing manager.

In elementary school, we were told to draw a monster. Most kids drew a troll with an ungodly amount of eyes or a witch with a hissing potion, but I didn’t draw a dragon or even a slithery creature; I drew you. The one person who never owned up to the pain you left me with. The one person who never owned up to the scars you created with your cutting criticism. Your opinion was supposed to be the only one that mattered, yet your opinion is the only one that hurts. You treated me like a rose that’s spent months trying to bloom only to be picked when it is deemed beautiful enough. Only I never got picked because after all, in your eyes, how can something so broken be beautiful? You said that I never bloomed, you said that I never even fit in. But what I hate the most about you is that you aren’t a bully taunting me at school. You aren’t a parent that doesn’t think I’m good enough, You aren’t a fake friend pretending to make me better. You are me because I’m the only one that can hurt myself more than the burning world I learned to grow up in.

© Lisa Weber