Cathal Casey – Some Words…

Cathal Casey LE P&W Children Jan 2019

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Some words a four year old boy knows (as he said them), poem by Cathal Casey.

Cathal Casey is aged four. Brother to Saoirse and Aoife, he attends Naionra an Chuilínn, Tyrrelstown, Dublin 15. He lives in Clonee, Dublin 15. He loves Batman, including the 1960s show. He likes to draw and has a very wide vocabulary as his poem attests.

Plate. Fork. Chicken nugget. 7-Up. Cup. Chip. Milk. Water.
Brown sauce. Red Sauce. Santa hat. Elf. Coffee.
Table. Snow Globe. Blue Reindeer. House. Grass.
Witches. Wizards. Cats. Frog. Moon. Face. Chair. Bag.
Box. Birdie. Broken Glass. Table-cloth. Drawer. Vase.
Fries. Milséan*. Tissue. Knife. Light. Red berries. Paper. Sink.
Bush. Carrots. Tag. Pen. Hand. Chainsaw. Car. Man with a car.
Back of the car. Racing car. Police. Monster. Candle. Cat.
Birdie. TV. Pillow. Bed. Speeding. Shoe. New Shoes.
Broomstick. Penguins. Simpsons. Horsey. Masterpiece.
Gaymaster. Gaymaster mask that lights up. Lids. Bag.
Ducks. Card. Butter. Green. Blue. Yellow. Chalk.
Black. Big drawer. Wheels. Bat. Sky. Floor.
Picasso. Leaf. Flowers. Pancakes.

*Irish for Sweet

© Cathal Casey