Dorian Stoilescu – Innocent Games

P Dorian Stoilescu LE P&W Vol 2 2019

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Poems by Dorian Stoilescu

Dorian is bilingual writer (English and Romanian), lives in Sydney, and is lecturer at Western Sydney University. Born in Galaţi, Romania, he participated in writing activities in Romania and Australia and has published the first volume of poems “under the wheels of truck” in Romanian (in English is at the final stage). Contributions: Western Sydney EZine Anthology, New Writers Group Inc. Anthology, 41 Arguments Avant La Lettre – Romanian/Australian Literature Anthology, and Live Encounters Magazine.  He published over 100 poems in Romanian Language in print and electronic formats.

Innocent Games

so you unknowingly would start hating all
as you make everyone guilty
for paralysing you, feeling the sky
starting to develop a sobriquets factory
about your name family & country
as all you have done are just weaknesses

the greatest insinuation you could hear
is the slippery service of those clamming
the lack of insinuation
by broking the pipes of tomorrow’s dreams
amalgamating your feet and mouth
squirming your soul in quicksands

then whispering political correctness
they spread it like heroin
with cultural fair stories
tranquillizing you
making you numb
in front of all

and mesmerised
you attempt start talking
like them

My mother had no regrets

for my mother everything was clear
even the complicated things
were brutally direct
she simply had no regrets
life was simple
because she knew what she cannot do
and always did everything she could

my mother did not give me anything special
for us the food was just food
that’s it
I don’t know how much money had
Because never boasted about
nor did she grumble
but we always had enough
as much to reasonably do well

my mom talked in the right way
when it was needed
as it should
with all people
of all ranks
without fear

she was appreciative
only when something was perfect
then she was talking about it
as it would have been out of her hands
or a friend of lifetime

Here are the stars

if the stars are gathered
above us
it’s because someone
requested them
to be there
for us

it means somebody left us
the possibility – the duty – the chance
to keep them under consideration
so that stars not only enjoy selfishly
their own beauty as fairies
but also we –  the dreams hunters –
to gaze at them breathing
their immortality

so if we can notice them
only at times
noticing their appearance
right after storms
with hopes of starting a new life
and chase a faraway light
as a new chance
riding fast
in a hurry
or walking without goals …
all these are because someone decided
to be without haste
always waiting for us

and if they stay very far away
it’s due to our little patience
or because we could get burned
but maybe it’s good to stay distant
forgetting them for a while
to celebrate – to be enchanted – to meditate
to rest & keep dreaming
getting reborn
from springs

© Dorian Stoilescu