Adela Blaustein – The Fox’s Journey

Profile Adela Blaustein LE Child Mag July 2019

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Adela Blaustein, age 9, loves foxes, and loves to read books and play the piano. She lives with her family and two cats in New Rochelle, New York.

The Fox’s Journey

Running softly through the forest
Orange, black, and white go by
Her fur stands out against blue skies.
Past the oak trees and the old stone wall;
The wild fox sees it all.
Golden sunset through the trees.
Yellow flowers. Bumblebees.
The wild fox walks across the street.
The lights go out, one by one.
It’s getting dark from the sinking sun.
A beautiful night has just begun.
Through the forest once again.
Light of moon, not light of sun.
She sees where her small bed lays.
The fox’s journey is now done.

© Adela Blaustein