Alicia – A Pirate’s Treasure

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Alicia is a Year 10 student from Melbourne, Australia. She is a voracious reader and also enjoys creating her own settings in original stories. Apart from writing she loves playing and watching most sports, in particular Australian Rules Football and cricket. This story was inspired by the idea of putting two wildly different characters together into an unlikely situation and exploring how they could respond to each other.

A Pirate’s Treasure

Scarface Sam, Captain of the Blue Steel, Lord of the Seven Seas, was equipped to deal with a number of incredibly dangerous and potentially life threatening situations. He knew many excruciating methods of torture for prisoners and what to do if he became a prisoner himself. He knew self defence, how to navigate the oceans, survive a storm, loot a ship. He knew how to hold his rum, win (or cheat) at cards, and an incredibly large variety of creative curses that only someone with the foul mouth of a sailor would dare to use. Most importantly, he was ruthless and felt no fear, to the point where people whispered that he might, in fact, have a heart so cold it was made of stone. However, no matter how talented Scarface Sam was in his area of expertise, he soon discovered that there are some things one simply can’t prepare for.

Sam gazed out at the soft waves, gently lapping against the boat. A summer breeze brushed over him, a welcome relief from the heat of the day. Something large and bulky suddenly thudded against the ship. It looked incredibly promising. With glee, the pirates pulled the chest on board, the promise of gold and gems right at their fingertips. Their greedy hands fought to pick the ancient lock of the chest. Sam jumped in front of the chest and raised his sword.

“Captain gets first dibs!” he smirked. Much outrage and moaning followed this declaration, but for the most part everyone was much too curious to argue. Suspense tingling, Sam dramatically heaved open the lid. There was a peculiar wailing noise, it was difficult to tell whether it came from the rusted hinges of the chest or the contents within. A cloth covered the treasure inside. Sam snatched it away and gasped in shock at what lay before him.

Its soft, pink flesh was dripping wet from where the water had leaked through the cracks of the chest. Cheeks dried with tears, it was wrapped in a thin blanket, which once may have been white, but was now incredibly grubby. The pirates were yelling and cursing in confusion. The Captain snarled at the baby in disgust.

“SILENCE!” Sam shouted suddenly, brandishing his sword.

“Surely we’re getting rid of this?” cried one pirate in indignation.

“Of course we’re -” Scarface Sam looked into the baby’s eyes and felt an inexplicable jolt. He spoke quietly, “We’re keeping it.”

It was a small hour in the morning, and the screaming was hysterical. Turning restlessly in his bed, the Captain groaned violently into his pillow upon hearing the wails. Sam trudged to where the baby was thrashing in its chest. He gave it his nastiest glare, and still the cries did not cease. He struggled to pick up the baby, as it was slippery as an eel. Cradling it awkwardly in his arms, Sam rocked the baby side to side in what he believed was a gentle motion. The baby continued crying.

“Shut up, you little devil,” he muttered.

To his surprise, the baby’s wee hand curled tightly around Sam’s calloused finger. It gave a tiny yawn, then the baby’s eyes closed and it fell asleep. Despite his reluctance, the soft bundle in his arms became a comforting presence as he pressed it against his chest. Sam suddenly realised what he was doing and jumped. Laughing at himself, he wrestled the menace back into its chest. The Captain ignored the cries ringing in his ears and marched back to his cabin.

It became clear to Sam and the crew that the baby would have to be fed. Ignoring the jeers behind him, the Captain collected a bowl of soup from last night’s hearty meal, awkwardly balancing the baby on one arm. He carefully sat down and attempted to spoon soup into the baby’s mouth. Barely seconds after success, the baby released an almighty roar and a stream of liquid poured over Scarface Sam. He struggled to hide his horror. A mighty captain like him, sprawled across the floor, dripping in soup? He had never felt less dignified in his life.

“What are you all staring at?” he growled. “Be gone, all of you!”

The pirates yelled out behind him.

“We’ve got to get rid of it, that wailing menace does nothing but cry!”

“It keeps me up all night! What reason do we have to keep it?”

“We should’ve just thrown it out in the first place.”

Scarface Sam was indignant. “This is absurd, what do you expect to do with it, throw the child overboard?”

Their expressions told him that was exactly what they intended to do.

Sam swiftly hoisted the baby onto his hip and pulled out a long, shining sword. It was time to end this. Scarface Sam, Captain of the Blue Steel, Lord of the Seven Seas, realised that maybe, just maybe, his heart might not be as stone cold as it seemed.

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