Shalev Cohen – Life is not a photo

Shalev Cohen LE P&W Children Jan 2019

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Life is not a photo, poem by Shalev Cohen

Shalev Cohen is twelve years old. He is from Israel. Shalev is in the 7th grade. His hobbies are reading and playing volleyball.

Social media affects our life
we always check our phone to see if we got a like,
we never spend time together,
and “poof” our life passes,
start playing, talking, don’t be shy,
you miss a lot when you check the social media all day,
instead of going to the real life,
our life is not like a photo that we can go back and delete,
if you miss your life that’s it!
Start sharing, and posting my poem, you will thank me later I promise you will.
I hope you all understood my message and remember don’t let the social media change your life, be the one to change it.

© Shalev Cohen