Doreen Duffy – Letting Go

P Doreen Duffy LE P&W Vol 1 2019

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Poems by Doreen Duffy

Doreen Duffy studied creative writing at Oxford University online, at University College Dublin & has a first class honours certificate in creative writing from National University of Ireland. She’s a member of Platform One Writers and Tutors on Creative Writing Ink. Doreen has been published in, Live Encounters, The Lea Green Down, Fiery Arrow Press, Orbis, Woman’s Way, Irish Times, Circle and Square Anthology, Winner of Carousel Aware Prize 2017, Ireland’s Own Anthology, South of the County, New Myths and Tales. She was broadcast on Doreen was longlisted in the RTE Guide/Penguin Competition and The Over the Edge New Writer of the Year. She won the Jonathan Swift Award and was awarded the Deirdre Purcell Cup by Maria Edgeworth Literary Festival. She was shortlisted for The Francis MacManus competition and was broadcast on RTE Radio; you can listen to her short story ‘Tattoo” by clicking on the link –

Letting Go

It is evening
I can tell,
the hairs on my arms
start to lift against the air,
my summer dress
not enough anymore
to keep me warm

The road is white,
cement dust
like powder, like clouds
between the scaffolding
across the sky,
My dad in his work boots
finds his way down,
the sound of the bars
like bells between sleepers
on houses not built yet
at the top of our road

He fixes the folds
on his shirt sleeves
holds the handle bars steady,
I can hear his breath
while he runs
feel his grip,
almost to the top of our road
then I hear him,
‘That’s it,
now just keep pedalling’

My heart in my mouth
I pedal faster,
like my life depends on it
His voice fading
behind me
But I can still hear him
‘you have it now
you’re doing it
you’re on your own’

The Sun is floating

The sun is floating
over my house
I saw it this morning
as it started out,
over the children at play
on the road,
until they got tired
and wandered home.
I am alone inside this
cold house
but I can see the light
shine outside
over my house,
lays warmth on the roof
as it passes by,
while the hands on the clock
make their slow climb,
the sound is loud
in this silent house
tick tock to the dark
while I look out
the shadow on the yard
lifts the sun inside
scatters the dust
in a golden fire,
bathes the floor at my feet
brings warmth at last
and sleep,
in the evening of my life

Star Child

I like the way
the sunset renews
my human face,
steals some peace
allows my emotions
the breath they need
to escape.
makes  space
chalk a
on a blue black
brushed sky,
while clouds sweep
a luminous
cluster of stars
a kaleidoscope
of shine.
This lunar magnet
shares this velvet night
poised above a world
in black and white.

© Doreen Duffy