01 JANUARY 2013

Guest Editorial – Lord Leveson’s Internet Dilemma,  Natalie Wood
Captain Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in an exclusive Skype interview with Mark Ulyseas
Master & Commander’s Log + an update from Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians on massacre at Taiji, Japan
Return to Melbourne, Terry McDonagh
Journalist deaths spike in 2012 due to Syria, Somalia – a CPJ Special Report
2012 Imprisoned Journalists a CPJ Yearly census
Those Who Did Not Die – Impact of the Agrarian Crisis on Women in Punjab – Ranjana Padhi
Transformation in the New Year – Candess M Campbell
Long Road – Matthew Van Ortton
The Loneliness of a Writer – Mark Ulyseas

02 FEBRUARY  2013

Guest Editorial – India, rising? – Kalyani Menon-Sen
One Billion Rising – Jemma Purdey
A Wall that wails for all…Anat Hoffman
The Spirit of Woman – a Celebration – Jill Gocher
Women in Indian Borderlands – Paula Banerjee
Samson, Delilah – And A Slice Of Treacle Tart – Natalie Wood
The Myth of Mother India – Mark Ulyseas
Finding Your Passion – Candess M Campbell
Call for Justice by women’s groups and others in India
The Second Sex – Simone de Beauvoir at the Late Writers & Readers Festival

03 MARCH 2013

Guest Editorial – Dr Candess M Campbell
The Person, Human and Divine, in India – Richard De Smet’s contribution – Dr Ivo Coelho
The Myth of Human Progress – Chris Hedges. This article was first published on Truthdig
Marc Wiese, Director, Camp 14 Total Control Zone in an exclusive Skype interview with Mark Ulyseas
Limbo – Terry McDonagh
Jews Should Ignore Holocaust Memorial Day – Natalie Wood
From Student Activist to Law Maker – Rainer Tormin
Photo Gallery – West Bengal – Sourav Jourdar
Canada – Highway of Tears – Human Rights Watch Report
Harvesting Silver – Randhir Khare

04 APRIL 2013

Profiting from Pain – Campaign for Affordable Trastuzumab takes on Roche in India – Kalyani Menon-Sen
Mama, don’t cut my vagina – female genital mutilation – when will it stop? – Mark Ulyseas
Nothing’s Fair – Terry McDonagh
How to Think – Chris Hedges – This article was first published on Truthdig
Catherine Jane Birch, Author of Koro in a candid interview with Live Encounters
Faith and Religion –  Dr Ivo Coelho
Magic in stone – Prehistoric rock carvings in Goa – Randhir Khare
Ancient Food Forges Arab-Jewish Friendships – Natalie Wood
Child and Forced Marriage in South Sudan – Human Rights Watch
Entering Trance for Self-Healing – Candess M Campbell

05 MAY 2013

Zuade Kaufman, Publisher of Truthdig in an exclusive interview with Mark Ulyseas
Taking stock of the recent anti-rape law in India – Madhu Mehra
Women Writing Violence – The Novel and Radical Feminist Imaginaries – Shreerekha Subramanian
The Crucifixion of Tomas Young – Chris Hedges – This article was first published on Truthdig
Tree Music – Terry McDonagh
Dr Ivo Coelho, priest, philosopher and Rector of Ratisbonne Monastery in an enlightening interview
The Children Who Die Too Soon – Natalie Wood
“He put electric shock on me”: A glimpse of the persistent, widespread practice of torture in Papua –  Budi Hernawan
Assessing your Beliefs – Candess M Campbell
Photo Gallery – Surfing in Bali – Mark Ulyseas

06 JUNE 2013

Ladakh – a poet’s journey into the blue beyond – Randhir Khare
The Death of Truth – Interview with Julian Assange by Chris Hedges. This article was first published on Truthdig
Bollywood Baddies – Tapan K Ghosh
The Railway: Karmiel City’s 2020 Vision – Natalie Wood
Stress – Candess M Campbell
What is Truth? – Dr Ivo Coelho
Answered Prayers? – Anat Hoffman Civil & Human Rights Activist
Elder Tree Rejuvenated – after Sally McKenna’s sculpture – Terry McDonagh
Grey Hounds – Barcelona – Robin Marchesi
Portraits of Bali – Mark Ulyseas

07 JULY 2013

Sally Mckenna – Well-known Irish Painter, Sculptor and Sketch Artist – An Exclusive on Her Life and Works
Ashis Nandy and The Cultural Politics of Selfhood – Christine Deftereos
Graeme Hamilton – Profile of an Artist, Musician, Vocalist, Composer and Producer
Sabbah Haji – A Woman of Substance in a Live Encounter
Peregrinus – Terry McDonagh
Ingrid Storholmen – author of Voices from Chernobyl in an interview with Mark Ulyseas
Elephant Aid International – Improving Elephant Welfare – Carol Buckley
Feel your Feelings! – Candess M Campbell
A Royal Anointing: Not Power But Destiny – Natalie Wood
Rise Up or Die – Chris Hedges – This article was first published on Truthdig 

08 AUGUST 2013

Whose swastika is it anyway? – Mark Ulyseas
Bali Swastika – Joo Peter
Singing The Sea – Randhir Khare
Prophet of Love – Farrukh Dhondy in an exclusive interview
In the end…Terry McDonagh
Indigenous Festivals in Australia: Performing cultural survival – Peter Phipps
Being Muslim and Working For Peace -Ambivalence and Ambiguity in Gujarat – Raphael Susewind
We Are All Aboard the Pequod – Chris Hedges – This article was first published on Truthdig
Israel’s Stumbling Block BeforeThe Blind – Natalie Wood
Prayer and Meditation – Candess M Campbell


Veerendra Mishra, Assistant Inspector General of Police Madhya Pradesh, India, on Human Trafficking
Ivo Coelho, Philosopher and Priest, Do We Have to be Religious to be Moral?
Emma Larking, Regional resettlement – solving the ‘refugee problem’ at any price?
Natalie Wood, Commemorated Thus Beautifully
Terry McDonagh, Ripple Effect
Christopher Tolkien, Foreword to The Fall of Arthur
Mark Ulyseas, Book review – The Fall of Arthur
Anat Hoffman, Gender Segregation in Israel
Christoph Sperfeldt, The Long Way from Rome to Jakarta
Candess M Campbell, Healing Trauma

10 OCTOBER 2013

Maha Noor Elahi – Saudi Women and the Emerging Culture of Entertainment
Perinaz Avari – Shining the Spotlight on Parsi Food
Sally McKenna – American Sally McKenna’s Journey Home to Traditional Irish Cooking
Jill Gocher – Food Gallery
Rosemary Grey – Beyond Rape:The evolving concept of ‘sexual violence’ under international criminal law
Ivo Coelho  – Of Friendship, Tea and Dialogue – Inter Faith Dialogue
Terry McDonagh  – Poem, Moon Phases
Nikola Stepanov  – Corporal Punishment and Children: Why is there a legal discrepancy in Australia…
Natalie Wood  – Great Charter – Huge Hatred – Nothing Changed
Candess M Campbell – Experiencing Subtle Energies

11 NOVEMBER 2013

Ivo Coelho – Science, Common sense and Faith
Mahendra Man Singh – Forever Incomplete – The Story of Nepal
Budi Hernawan – Breaking the silence on Papua    
Anita Mackay – Women in Australian prisons and why they need human rights protections
Natalie Wood – Why Most Jews Still Stand Alone
Mark Gelsomino – Librarians Without Borders
Terry McDonagh – In a Doll’s House
Human Rights Watch – South Africa :  Archbishop Condemns Anti-LGBTI Violence
Sourav Jourdar – Photographs of Durga Puja
Candess M Campbell – Transforming Pain through Energy Medicine: Integrate and Receive


Dr. Ivo Coelho, Philosopher, Priest, Rector of Ratisbonne Monastery  – Guest Editorial : Religion and State
Dr. Carool Kersten, Senior Lecturer in the Study of Islam & the Muslim World KING’S College LONDON,  author of – Islam in Indonesia : The Contest for Society, Ideas and Values
Dr. John Zavos, Senior Lecturer in South Asian Studies The University of Manchester  – Public Hinduisms
Dr. Peter Gonsalves, Associate Professor, Faculty of the Sciences of Communication Salesian Pontifical University,
– The Nonverbal Revolution of Pope Francis
Natalie Wood, Journalist and Flash Fiction Writer – Gleanings
Noel Monahan, Celebrated Irish Poet speaks on a United Ireland
Nikola Stepanov, Lecturer. Medical Ethics, Law & Professional Practice. School of Medicine, University of Queensland, & PhD Scholar (philosophy/law). Melbourne Medical School & School of Population & Global Health. The University of Melbourne. – Why the reporting of clinical trial outcomes is an important social issue (This article forms part of a Doctor of Philosophy Thesis).
Dr.Jemma Purdey, Research Fellow in the School of Political and Social Inquiry, Monash University – The 1965-66 mass killings in Indonesia : Recent developments towards historical justice
Jill Gocher, Author and Photographer, Photo Gallery – Tibet
Mark Ulyseas, 2013 Another Year of Living Foolishly?


Captain Paul Watson, Founder Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Guest Editorial : A Returning Eco-Exile
Lavanya Khare, daughter of Randhir Khare, speaks to him on his 50 years of writing.
Terry McDonagh, Irish Poet, Playwright, Writer – Snow in Hamburg
Dr.Benjamin Authers/Dr.Emma Larking, Co-Editors/Regarding Rights – Invitation to contribute to Regarding Rights
Vandana Vasudevan, Journalist & Author – Urban Villager – Life in an Indian Satellite Town
Sangita Malhan, Author & French Teacher – The TOI Story : How a Newspaper Changed the Rules of the Game
Joo Peter, Photographer & Writer – Photo Gallery : Toraja People of Sulawesi, Indonesia
Dr.Mukesh Batra, speaks to Mark Ulyseas on the launch of his magazine, Homeopathy & You
Dr.Candess M Campbell, Intuitive Life Coach, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Author  –  Energy Medicine: Kinesiology and Muscle Testing
Mark Ulyseas, Heroes of 2013

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