Robin Marchesi – Grey Hounds Barcelona

JUNE 2013

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Robin Marchesi was born in Hampshire England. He was educated at Oxford and London Universities. He has lived ‘on his wits’ throughout the world and has several published works including Kyoto Garden, A B C Quest and A Small Journal of Heroin Addiction. His latest book “Poet of the Building Site” about his time with the Sculptor Barry Flanagan (1941 – 2009) is published by Charta Press in association with the Irish Museum of Modern Art. At the moment he is living in London completing his latest work entitled: “Prospero’s Cell.”

Robin Marchesi LE Mag June 2013

© Robin Marchesi

3 Replies to “Robin Marchesi – Grey Hounds Barcelona”

  1. Hi Robin we met in Oxford in 1979 you were phase 3 and I was well I was a washed up speed head going nowhere fast it was raining it was Oxford.The last time we met up was Camden market a “shit hole” any way how yer doin man lost some hair I see good to see you in print my God the World has changed it was a ball then D.H.

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