Dr. Emma Larking – Regional resettlement – solving the ‘refugee problem’ at any price?

Emma Larking


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Regional resettlement – solving the ‘refugee problem’ at any price?
by Dr Emma Larking. First published in
 Regarding Rights.

Let’s be clear about what is involved here. Rudd is claiming that we are complying with our moral obligations by sending people who seek refugee protection from Australia to Papua New Guinea. But we are not just sending people to PNG so they can have their protection claims considered in accordance with the Refugee Convention, we are sending people to PNG to be incarcerated, and then at some point to have their protection claims considered.

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Emma Larking is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Centre for International Governance and Justice at the Australian National University, working with Ben Authers and Hilary Charlesworth on Professor Charlesworth’s ARC Laureate Fellowship project, ‘Strengthening the international human rights system: rights, regulation and ritualism’. Her research background is in legal, political, and applied philosophy. She has extensive teaching experience in the University of Melbourne’s School of Historical and Philosophical Studies, and of Social and Political Sciences (where she also worked as a senior research assistant on the ARC Discovery Project, ‘The Politics of Rights,’ with Chief Investigators Professor Brian Galligan and Dr John Chesterman). As well as identifying mechanisms to encourage and support genuine rights realisation, her current research explores the limitations of rights language and the implications for social justice and political dissent of the now overwhelming dominance of this language.

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