12 Dec P&W Vol Two 2020

Alan Walowitz – Ars Poetica
Alex Skovron – If Words Could Speak
Alfred Corn – Finishing Each Other’s Sentences
Anton Floyd – Unseeable Distances
Arthur Broomfield – The Night The Music Died
Bob Shakeshaft – Na Beanna Beola
Brian Kirk – Freedom in Constraint
Chad Norman – A Fawn’s Stare
Chris Mooney-Singh – Dispatches to the Emperor
Daniel Lusk – Asp of Jerusalem
David Graham – Everyone in America
David Rigsbee – Carapace
Dirk van Nouhuys – A Visit from an Old Flame
Eamonn Lynskey – Black Rat Replies
Edward O’Dwyer – The Tableaux of Marriage
Fred Johnston – The Nature of Violence
Gordon Meade – Cod
Graham Allen – On Not Being Wordsworth
Haris Vlavianos – A White Brushstroke
Indran Amirthanayagam – A Letter to the South
Jack Grady – Bathsheba Spooner
Confronts the Fatal Cord

James Walton – Blow Your Trumpet, Gabriel
Jim Burke – The Walk
Joachim Matschoss – Clusters of Time
Joe Cottonwood – Arrival, SFO
John Grey – A Reading In The Village
John Liddy – Arias Of Consolation
John Maxwell O’Brien – Haiku – A Baker’s Dozen
John Sibley Williams – Turbulence
Jordan Smith – An Education
Kevin Higgins – Diary of an Absurdist
Kieran Beville – High Tower
M L Williams – Late Again
Mary O’Donnell – Guest Editorial
The House of the Now:
poetics of the Giant Wire Brush

Matt Mooney – Winterman
Maurice Devitt – A Rehearsal for Winter
Michael Corrigan – Mary From Magdala
Michael Durack – Tidings
Michael Farry – Whins
Michael J Whelan – The Long Hours Await the Sentry
Michael Minassian – A Chill In The Air
Niall Cahir – Winter’s Gates
Noel Duffy – The Crossing
Noel Monahan – Linus
Omar Pérez – I am Not a Buddha
Osama Esber – Th Five Rivers of Hell
Paul Casey – Metagainst
Peter O’Neill – From The Eroica Variations
Phil Lynch – Mission Statement
Philip Gross – Nerve
Randhir Khare – Litany of Rain
Richard Krawiec – Journey
Rob Childers – Gull Day
Robert Shanahan – Grand Romance
Ruairí de Barra – In the Low Valley
Scott Thomas Outlar – Fever
Sven Kretzschmar – Saltwater
Thomas McCarthy – Masks
Tim Cumming – Chancery Lane Working
Tim Dwyer – Sailing Back
Yuyutsu Sharma – In God’s Messy Workplace

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