Niall Cahir – Winter’s Gates

Cahir profile Dec 2020

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Live Encounters Poetry & Writing, Volume Two, December 2020.

Niall Cahir – Writer, Photographer, Artist. Based in Birr Co Offaly. Born 1966, in Cork City. His poetry is honest, deep and meaningful. Snap-shots of everyday life, thought provoking, with spiritual imagery. Measured shares of shade and light, strong yet delicate in texture, just like the man himself!

Winter’s Gates

No thoughts of season-change, afore
At least the past four months, or more
As Summer seems to steal away
Her heat, my heart, and time of play

Miss Autumn stepped lightly to my door
Seductive sheddings that she wore
No sooner had her brown hues turned
Cool-linen that the sun had burned

Fall loose below her naked limbs
As migrant wings, hum winter hymns
Soft soundless landings upon mossy floor
Food ample, stored in sap-soaked core

Sensual moves turns voyeur’s head
As shapely maple, sheds glucose red
Her fabric veil falls wafting down
Lands gold on yellow, orange on brown

Green chlorophyll, evaporates
Reveals cold threshold…
..of Winter’s gates

Grow My Child

I am twice now
..beyond your time

And once, plus two perfect rhyme

Such rapid pace
The years pass me
Relentless seasons
Balance Chi

Yet, round and round
You’ll go again
Maybe trice
..or even ten

And cry out loud
Your silent fears
Then dress the truth
In salty tears

I know, I speak
Of trodden way
Kicked fallen leaves
As they decay

To this long path
You have commit
And many traits
Will learn from it

And many more
Will gift – rebuke!
Their piercing truth
Like harpoon fluke

Milling miles
Much more to go
Rough tides will count
Your ebb and flow

Love’s sometimes hard
To gift ..or host!
These be the ones
Who need it most

For this is why
We both are here
To grow in love

And banish fear

For all life’s lessons, bar none yet
..despite their pain, do I regret

© Niall Cahir