Live Encounters Poetry & Writing Volume Two December 2020

Poetry is not medicine, it is not good or morally uplifting. It lives in the interstices, amoral yet virtuous in the philosophical sense of virtue, stereotype-crushing yet recognising the forms of our dreams in the Platonic sense. It is healing, refining, and it sifts through human consciousness—if we allow it—replacing the dross with the healing freedoms that are often spare, brief, and free of political ideology. – Mary O’Donnell

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Mary O’Donnell – Guest Editorial
The House of the Now:
poetics of the Giant Wire Brush

Randhir Khare, Founding Contributor Litany of Rain
Thomas McCarthy – Masks
David Rigsbee – Carapace
Noel Monahan – Linus
Alan Walowitz – Ars Poetica
Alex Skovron – If Words Could Speak
Alfred Corn – Finishing Each Other’s Sentences
Anton Floyd – Unseeable Distances
Arthur Broomfield – The Night The Music Died
Bob Shakeshaft – Na Beanna Beola
Brian Kirk – Freedom in Constraint
Chad Norman – A Fawn’s Stare
Chris Mooney-Singh – Dispatches to the Emperor
Daniel Lusk – Asp of Jerusalem
David Graham – Everyone in America
Dirk van Nouhuys – A Visit from an Old Flame
Eamonn Lynskey – Black Rat Replies
Edward O’Dwyer – The Tableaux of Marriage
Fred Johnston – The Nature of Violence
Gordon Meade – Cod
Graham Allen – On Not Being Wordsworth
Haris Vlavianos – A White Brushstroke
Indran Amirthanayagam – A Letter to the South
Jack Grady – Bathsheba Spooner
Confronts the Fatal Cord

James Walton – Blow Your Trumpet, Gabriel
Jim Burke – The Walk
Joachim Matschoss – Clusters of Time
Joe Cottonwood – Arrival, SFO
John Grey – A Reading In The Village
John Liddy – Arias Of Consolation
John Maxwell O’Brien – Haiku – A Baker’s Dozen
John Sibley Williams – Turbulence
Jordan Smith – An Education
Kevin Higgins – Diary of an Absurdist
Kieran Beville – High Tower
M L Williams – Late Again
Matt Mooney – Winterman
Maurice Devitt – A Rehearsal for Winter
Michael Corrigan – Mary From Magdala
Michael Durack – Tidings
Michael Farry – Whins
Michael J Whelan – The Long Hours Await the Sentry
Michael Minassian – A Chill In The Air
Niall Cahir – Winter’s Gates
Noel Duffy – The Crossing
Omar Pérez – I am Not a Buddha
Osama Esber – The Five Rivers of Hell
Paul Casey – Metagainst
Peter O’Neill – From The Eroica Variations
Phil Lynch – Mission Statement
Philip Gross – Nerve
Richard Krawiec – Journey
Rob Childers – Gull Day
Robert Shanahan – Grand Romance
Ruairí de Barra – In the Low Valley
Scott Thomas Outlar – Fever
Sven Kretzschmar – Saltwater
Tim Cumming – Chancery Lane Working
Tim Dwyer – Sailing Back
Yuyutsu Sharma – In God’s Messy Workplace

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