2019 LE Mag

01 JANUARY 2019

Aarti David – In an interview with Live Encounters
Dr Candess M Campbell – Everyone Has 24 Hours in a Day
Dr Greta Sykes – After the Defeat of Gilgamesh
Dr Namrata Goswami – China’s Strategy in the Asia-Pacific
Dr Peter Gonsalves – PAUL VI and Gandhi
Jill Gocher – Putting it on
Mark Ulyseas – India 2019 beware of politicians bearing gifts
Mikyoung Cha – Meditation
Nasim Basiri – Emancipation for Iranian Women?
Ozlem Warren – Fish Kebabs with lemon…
Randhir Khare – Walking with Shamans
Rev. Dr. David Mark Neuhaus SJ
A personal reflection on dialogue with Muslims

02 FEBRUARY 2019

Paulo Coelho – Pandora’s Box
David Morgan – Why John Ruskin Still Matters
Randhir Khare -Walking With Shamans Part II
Dr Emma Larking – Totalitarianism and Refugee Camps
Dr Candess M Campbell – Lover Archetype
Joo Peter – Chhath – Varanasi
Jude Cowan Montague – Paris Pavements d’Or
Mikyoung Cha – Serendipity
Ozlem Warren – Homemade Cezerye
Mark Ulyseas – Veritas vos liberabit

03 MARCH 2019

Dr Mahima Nayar – Psychosocial Distress and Healing amongst Women
Dr N Bhaskara Rao – Dilemma of Democracy
Ghanshyam Shah – Democracy, Civil Society and Governance
Isobel Blackthorn – On Alice A. Bailey
Jill Gocher – My Phone, My Life!
Mark Ulyseas – Heartbeat of Bali
Mikyoung Cha – Daily Life in Sri Lanka
Ozlem Warren – Patlicanli Eksi Asi
Professor K L Sharma – Reconceptualizing the Indian Village
Shakti – A Pathfinder

04 APRIL 2019

David Morgan – Hope Lies in the Hands of the Youth
Dr Bibhu Prasad Routray – Pulwama Attack …
Dr Greta Sykes – Nature and the first class struggle in history
Dr Miranda Forsyth – Activating the Five Powers of Law
Eleanor Moseman – World Nomad Games
Emma Barone – Geometric Landscapes & Cityscapes
Mark Ulyseas – Kashmir Where Islamic fundamentalism faces off …
Mikyoung Cha – Sri Lanka where else?
Ozlem Warren – Pide Ekmek
Wolfgang Widmoser – Abstract Realism

05 MAY 2019

Dr Bibhu Prasad Routray – Pakistani Deep State and the Jaish-e-Mohammad
Dr Parama Sinha Palit – ‘Alternate Voices’ and Indian Politics
Jill Gocher – From the streets of Singapore
Katie Costello – The Beauty Within
Mark Ulyseas – Sand Sculptures
Mikyoung Cha – My Dear Asia
Ozlem Warren – Sucuklu Kuru Fasulye
Selwyn Rodda – Abiding Life
Theresa Griffin Kennedy – In defense of Sherman Alexie
Vũ Tuấn Hưng – Vietnam Perspectives
Wolfgang Widmoser – Still Lifes

06 JUNE 2019

Barry Delaney – An Irish Fairy Tale
Dr Namrata Goswami – The Competition for Outer Space Resources…
Katie Costello – Imagine Peace: The Vietnam War
Mark Ulyseas – Wat Phra That Doi Suthep
Mikyoung Cha – Happy Mother’s Day
Ozlem Warren – Arap Koftesi
Tina Claffey – Treasures of our bogs
Wolfgang Widmoser – Ubudian Reality

07 JULY 2019

Dr Bibhu Prasad Routray – Emerging Human Trafficking Networks of Rohingya…
Dr Greta Sykes – Every age has its own Fascism…
Dr Shanthie Mariet D’Souza – Changing India and Iran Relations…
Jas Sykes – Untitled 2017-19
Mark Ulyseas – Kuta Scapes
Mikyoung Cha – Zhouzhuang
Ozlem Warren – Another fabulous Turkish recipe!
Theresa Griffin Kennedy – Painting to Restore the Watershed
Vũ Tuấn Hưng – South Korea Buddhism
Wolfgang Widmoser – Nympheas

08 AUGUST 2019

David Morgan – Encountering the Kurds
Dr Bibhu Prasad Routray – Islamic State Returnees…
Dr Medha Bisht – Reading Kautilya’s Arthashastra…
Dr Peter Gonsalves – Teach peace now…
Joo Peter – Mentawai Islands
Mark Ulyseas -Abolish Sedition Law Section 124A
Mikyoung Cha – Санкт-Петербу́рг Beliye Nochi
Ozlem Warren – Cokelek Salatasi
Tina Claffey – The Carnivorous Sundew
Vũ Tuấn Hưng – Vietnam in Black and White
Wolfgang Widmoser – The Queen and her daughters


Donna Mulvenna – Book review To Follow Elephants by Rick Hodges
Dr Howard Richards – A Simple Path
Dr Margi Prideaux – Book review No Entry by Gila Green
Jill Gocher – Composites
Mark Ulyseas – The Poet
Mikyoung Cha – Beliye Nochi
Nina Kossman – We All Became Wind
Ozlem Warren – Gaziantep Cuisine Bulgur Meatballs
Paulo Coelho – An Excerpt from Hippie
Wolfgang Widmoser – Water Drops

10 OCTOBER 2019

Carl Scharwath – Marina
Donna Mulvenna – Book review
The Suicide Season by Jeremy Gadd

Dr Bibhu Prasad Routray & Dr Shanthie Mariet D’Souza
Afghanistan-India Drug Trail

Dr Bibhu Prasad Routray & Dr Shanthie Mariet D’Souza
Afghan Drug Trail & the Indian Drug Syndicates – Part II

Dr Margi Prideaux – Book review
The Heresy Series by Jed Brody

Maria Theresa Stadtmueller – Book Review
Happiness is Green by Donna Mulvenna

Mark Ulyseas – Goebbels’ Rapture
Mikyoung Cha – Hermitage Museum St. Petersburg
Ozlem Warren – Pacanga Boregi
Wolfgang Widmoser – Venusian Queens


David Morgan – Stolen Dreams, The Kurds and Us
Dr N Mythili – Women in School Leadership
Dr Ashok Sharma – India’s Pursuit of Energy Security
Dr Greta Sykes – Sex is better under socialism
Dr Howard Richards – The Positive Erotic
Dr Kalinga Seneviratne – Is ‘Watchdog’ Journalism a Western Mythology?
Dr Namrata Goswami – Strategic Messages and Inferences
from China’s 70th Anniversary Celebrations

Dr Nancy Stanford Blair & Dr Mark L Gesner
Discovering Your Life’s Message

Dr Naresh Chandra Saxena – Why is Indian bureaucracy not delivering?
Dr Peter Gonsalves – Gandhi: John Paul II’s ‘Hero of Humanity’
Inderjit Singh Jaijee & Dona Suri – Legacy of Militancy in Punjab
K. V. Thomas – ISRO- Misfired-The espionage case that shook India
Mark Ulyseas – 2019 Another Year of Living Foolishly?
Professor Farhat Basir Khan – Games of Votes
Ratna and Suhasini Vira – Why People Give: Interpreting Altruism


Barry Delaney – Stars and Souls of the Liffey
Carl Scharwath – Evolve
Donna Mulvenna – Awe-struck
Dr Margi Prideaux – Tuning back to ethical north
Eleanor Moseman – Jamyang Tsomo: The Modern Day Warrior
Jill Gocher – Gadding About At Gadisir
José Truda Palazzo Jr – Living Water
Mark Ulyseas – Tribute to the Troubadours
Mikyoung Cha – Cathedrals of St. Petersburg
Petter Solheim – Otherworld
Tina Claffey – Spiders of the Bog
Wolfgang Widmoser – Toscany

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