Mark Ulyseas – Goebbels’ Rapture

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Goebbels’ Rapture by Mark Ulyseas

Mark Ulyseas has served time in advertising as copywriter and creative director selling people things they didn’t need, a ghost writer for some years, columnist of a newspaper, a freelance journalist and photographer. In 2009 he created Live Encounters Magazine, in Bali, Indonesia. It is a not for profit (adfree) free online magazine featuring leading academics, writers, poets, activists of all hues etc. from around the world. March 2016 saw the launch of its sister publication Live Encounters Poetry, which was relaunched as Live Encounters Poetry & Writing in March 2017.  In February 2019 the third publication was launched, LE Children Poetry & Writing (now renamed Live Encounters Young Poets & Writers). He has edited, designed and produced all of Live Encounters’ 167 publications till date (October 2019). Mark’s philosophy is that knowledge must be free and shared freely to empower all towards enlightenment. He is the author of three books: RAINY – My friend & PhilosopherSeductive Avatars of Maya – Anthology of Dystopian Lives and In Gethsemane: Transcripts of a Journey.

Reality is now relegated to a metaphysical world. And to reach this reality one has to trudge through the filth of Goebbels bastard offspring. Offspring that spout an unending litany of untruths expertly marinated with a few spices of truth tidbits so as to entice the viewer or reader to part-take of the ‘news’, to eat it, to be contaminated by it and to release it …like daily bodily excretions …expect that nothing is flushed…it remains floating around while the viewer wallows in it unmindful of the stench of agendas. One would imagine that pigs are intelligent creatures.

Nothing appears sacred anymore. Religion, politics, poverty and entertainment jostle for space on the shelves of the media that roam, scavenging anything and everything, dragging it back to their lairs, then hastily reconstructing the garbage to resemble a nice glitzy version for suckers to suck on…viewers…the gullible mental invalids who find it far more comfortable to share the news links without making any attempt to cross check facts or to question what is being reported.

Colourful images and haunting sound tracks, reporters and anchors wearing masks of the masquerade ball announce with aplomb the news of their reality. Debates, discussions and the usual ‘all sound and fury signifying nothing’ are aired with a sincerity of a bitch in heat waiting on the roadside for a passing dog.

And as if on cue viewers line-up for a quickie selfie. Every one of them wants their views on the news to be heard and accepted, and if this does not happen they unleash the trolls that in turn run riot on the net. Abuse is the mantra. And so is denigration, another exciting path, though much trodden of late.

The rules of the game are that there are no rules. The order of the day is to sell, sell, sell…viewership numbers outrank truth on any given day…as long as sponsors — political, commercial or religious, are willing to pay the price for such services. There is profit to be had in promoting insidious agendas.

Phrases almost always feature the hash tag to denote a universal acceptance, an acceptance that does not, initially, exist. However with regular usage a phrase becomes the WORD. And then this WORD generates a following of believers. Anyone who challenges this WORD is marked offensive and denigrated by the juggernaut of users, the enlightened enforcers.

And so from the good old days of hash browns we now have hash tags.

Spin doctors don’t wear masks anymore; they can’t be bothered, for they walk in the light of studio cameras. They know how to rehash and repack untruths into a credible reality and administer it to the public like nerve gas. Notice how many people are obsessed with the news as if it is pornography. The more violent and salacious the words and visuals the more viewers congregate to confabulate, to expound their own versions of reality.

The excessive odious reportage assumes an air of sweet jasmine on a cool summer night.

Media is the surrogate mother of social media, Goebbels’ bastard offspring.

Turning of the screws on the thumbs appears to have begun with the ‘editing’ and/or deletion of posts of free thinkers by social media generals of the WORD and their pack of lexicon executioners. The management of minds is underway and there is no turning back, no way out but, in.

Welcome to The Ministry of Social Media, your avatar is being processed, please take a seat.

© Mark Ulyseas