2017 LE P&W

03 MARCH P&W 2017

Anni Wilton-Jones – Exodus
Anne M Carson – Massaging Himmler
Laura J Braverman – Terra Mater
Michael Durack – Grandpoems for Grandchildren
Bob Shakeshaft – Awake
Glen Wilson – Passing on, Passing Through
Maria Miraglia – Two Love Poems
Stephen Haven – Talisman
Geraldine Mills – Feet First
Azril Bacal – Twilight
Tobi Alfier – Mercy and Melody
Terry McDonagh – An Emblem of our Time 2017
Amy Newlove Schroeder – Two Poems
Richard James Allen – A Shaft of Darkness
Hongri Yuan – The City of Gold
M L Williams – Stations of the Cross

Ian Watson – Hand Luggage

Brian Kirk – Boy and Man
Susan Condon – The Visit
Doreen Duffy – Vico Road

Mark Ulyseas – Book Review of Lady Cassie Peregrina

04 APRIL P&W 2017
Dr Greta Sykes – Razor Blades
Dr Margi Prideaux – Wanggami
Dr Stephen Haven – The Gist of it
Farid ud-Din Attar – The Conference of Birds translated by Sholeh Wolpé
Hongri Yuan – Wheel of the World
Ian Watson – Cold Call
Irene Kyffin – In Pursuit
Joachim Matschoss – The Boy under the Table
Michael J Whelan – The Hero
Niall Cahir – Ceased Fire
Phil Lynch – Lost Futures
Sholeh Wolpé – Bewitched

05 MAY P&W 2017
Thomas McCarthy – Her Retrospective
Dr Greta Sykes – Sappho Moon
Dr Robyn Rowland AO – Passages
Maria Wallace – Particles of Thought
Dr Stephen Haven – Three Short Poems
Surrounded, poems by Niall Cahir
Hongri Yuan – Immortal Soul
Ian Watson – Just a Minute
Attar – Excerpt from The Conference of Birds translated by Sholeh Wolpé
Azril Bacal – Tankas and Haiku
Jim Meirose – Fragment I, of Sunday Dinner with Father Dwyer
M L Williams – Siren

06 JUNE P&W 2017
Thomas McCarthy – A Cork Fog
Laura Solomon – The Doctors
John W Sexton – Interstice I
Anne M Carson – Himmler Describes the Cathedral of Light
Daniel Wade – Sakura
Donna Prinzmetal – The Goodbye Train
Dr Robyn Rowland AO – Bus across night to Göreme, Turkey
Hongri Yuan – The Sun of Unknown Night
M L Williams – Aphasia
Mark Ulyseas – Review of Fixing the Broken Nightingale by Richard James Allen
Tina Shaw – Review of Vera Magpie by Laura Solomon
Hélène Cardona – Excerpts from Beyond Elsewhere

07 JULY P&W 2017
Terry McDonagh – Sehnsucht
Loretta Collins Klobah – Condado
Cathy Colman – Body Politics
Laura Solomon – Taking Wainui
Jim Meirose – WDR-GAS #6
Donna Prinzmetal – In Another Life
Hongri Yuan – Door of Time
Daniel Wade – Yet Once More
Anne M Carson – Felix at table with the Himmlers
Dr Robyn Rowland AO – Travelling Turkey
Jack Grady – Wild Geese
John W Sexton – Interstice II

08 AUGUST P&W 2017
Alex Skovron – Temptation
Professor Kevin Brophy – An Adjective World
Susan Hawthorne – Underworlds
John Foulcher – Linguist in Love
Jane Williams – Discovering Iris
Susan Condon – Parting Words
Doreen Duffy – Sweet Night
Loretta Collins Klobah – Song of the Harpy
Anca Mihaela Bruma – In Another World
Laura Solomon – The Scarecrow
Jim Meirose – Huh? (#1)
Hongri Yuan – Memory of Heaven

Alice Kinsella – Mea Culpa
Anton Floyd – By What Measure?
Bob Shakeshaft – First Flush
Brian Kirk – Broken Lights
Carl Scharwath – Natality
Geraldine Mills – Missing Him Missing Me
Hongri Yuan – Wings of the Phoenix
Jim Burke – The West End House
Jim Meirose – Middle School, P.M. (With Janie)
Laura J Braverman – Urdhva Dhanurasana
Michael Durack – No Bridges
Nasrin Parvaz – My Red Father

10 OCTOBER 2017
Diane Fahey – Sojourn at Bundanon
Hedy Habra – Mandala
Azril Bacal – Haiku and Tankas
Anni Wilton-Jones – Across Years
Dr Greta Sykes – Portofino
Lynda Tavakoli – Family Ties
Breda Wall Ryan – Prayer
Jim Meirose – The Burning Bush
Colin Dardis – Ice Cream Dream
Nasrin Parvaz – Homelessness
Hongri Yuan – Kingdom of Heaven
Joachim Matschoss – Through My Window

12 DECEMBER 2017

Alex Skovron – Motherboard
Anton Floyd – Samsara
Arthur Kayzakian – Heroes
Bernadette Gallagher – Walls of Bones
Caley O’Dwyer – Splitting Up
Colette Nic Aodha – Secret Dreams
Cynthia Schwartzberg Edlow – Unblues This Passport
David Graham – Sand Against The Wind
David Morgan – Moods Dark And Light
Dr Greta Sykes – A Song For Loess
Geraldine Mills – A Home Coming
Hongri Yuan – Scriptures
Jack Grady – Resurrection
James Martyn Joyce – Furey
Jane Williams – Climate Control
M L Williams – Ramadan Christmas
Mark Ulyseas – Editorial – Custodians of Fate
Nasrin Parvaz – Night
Richard James Allen – The Rebirth of Doubt
Susan Condon – Photograph of a Stranger
Terry McDonagh – Time Capsules
Doreen Duffy – Tattoo

DECEMBER – The Christmas Special
Anne Marron – Room to Let
Annette Bryan – Fluffy’s new home
Bríd Connolly – When skies are grey
Doreen Duffy – Etta and the snow
Doreen Duffy – Guest Editorial The Christmas Special
Eileen Casey – Tales from the Old Country
Gavan Duffy – Closed Doors
Joan Power – Missing Links
Kevin Doyle – The Fat One
Mae Newman – In sickness and in health
Niamh Byrne – Judith and the Crocodile
Shirley Keegan – Departure Lounge
Susan Condon – Espresso for Mary
Trish Best – Home
Trish Nugent – Hello Dolly

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