Hongri Yuan – Memory of Heaven

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Memory of Heaven, poems by Chinese Hongri Yuan

Hongri Yuan, born in China in 1962, is a poet and philosopher interested particularly in creation. Representative works include Platinum City, Gold City, Golden Paradise, Gold Sun and Golden Giant. His poetry has been published in the UK, USA, India, New Zealand, Canada and Nigeria.

Translated by Yuanbing Zhan

Memory of Heaven

I love the peach orchard in early summer
Peaches with deep red and pale red
as if the stars are hanging in the kingdom of branches and leaves
And it seems as sweet as the garden in the universe
The wind in the moment made time transparent
I saw the eternal smile
Twinkling in the branches
And the singing of birds
draw a picture of the heaven memory

All Without Exception Are Fragrant

Daub the day with the red, white and gold of the sun
Daub the night with the silver of the moon
Inlay lines of verse with the diamond of the stars
Make the earth transparent until you see the palace of the gods
Layer upon layer, in the deep
Those giant gods who are smiling solemnly, they live in the space of light
All without exception are fragrant, like dreams of the soul in heaven




用太阳的红 白 金 涂抹白天
用月亮的银 涂抹夜晚
用星辰的钻石 镶嵌一行行诗句
让大地透明 直至看到众神的金殿
层层叠叠 在广大的深处
那些庄严含笑的巨神 他们在光明的空间
无不芬芳 如灵魂的梦境

© Hongri Yuan

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