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Natality, poems by Carl Scharwath

Carl Scharwath, has appeared globally with 100+ magazines selecting his poetry, short stories, essays and art photography. Two poetry books: Journey To Become Forgotten (Kind of a Hurricane Press) and Abandoned (ScarsTv) have been published. Carl is the art editor for Minute Magazine, a dedicated runner and 2nd degree black- belt in Taekwondo.


Every baby is born to greatness
there is a stainless beauty
installed in a clean heart
love and tolerance
wired into the soul

The Latin Vulgate
an icon of purpose
imbues and cicerones
the steady hand
of a mother and father

Lost in luminescent daylight
and memories of thermal water
to what end
humanity awaits
its glorious creation


Today everything is wrinkled
They are the mushrooms, strawberries,
Of an endless canvas.

But last night
Really deceived. Snow on a blanket-like
Married schizophrenic camouflage
Cold kisses and delicate erasing
The dust of compassion, dwindling
With care of the seed to rescue and touch
Post a song. Life woke up, emphasized
Grown to the peak of affirmation and
Coldness, within their souls.

Morning snow from a lazy sky
Artificial replacement,
Slowly falling,
In the resistance of loss.

Dream Cabin

Alienated defective existentialist
binary in utterances

a linguistic rupture
rains letters down

the realms of
imagination in the

search of ourselves
within the painted faces.

Amidst empty expanses
we find you.

the night brings
a wake sleep

revolution and dreams
erased in daylight.

Will any of
these name you?


Sun slants fractured in the mist
Pharmaceutical rivers
Discharge in your blood

Never finding yourself
in the sexless rapture
and wilderness of the soul

A cry announcing
you were not made for this world
professing you were needed in mine.

© Carl Scharwath

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