David Morgan – Moods Dark And Light

Profile David Morgan Live Encounters Poetry & Writing 8th Anniversary December 2017

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Moods Dark And Light, poems by David Morgan

David has been a professional editor and journalist for over thirty years beginning his career on the subs desk of the Morning Star newspaper. He is editor of numerous historical publications under the Socialist History Society imprint. David’s interests and research include Turkey and the Kurds, literary figures like George Orwell, Edward Upward and William Morris, British anarchism, the 17th century English revolutionary era and the history of psychoanalysis. He has contributed towards many different publications and writes review articles, commentaries, opinion pieces, polemics and poetry.


First mum then dad pushing up the daisies
It’s solitary me alone against the world
Nurtured, cultivated with such tender care
So abruptly left, now they’re not there
Abandoned, adrift, all at sea
Darkness, bleakness and fear
Are all that awaits me
From now till eternity

Autumn Grieves

With the autumn leaves
As the summer leaves
As leaves all leave
To reveal the naked trees
Our hearts appeased
And our minds at peace
While our only thoughts
Are of autumn leaves
And the only sounds
Are of falling leaves
Companioned by yearning
Of the rustling trees
It’s the silence that doth please

Make Me Happy

Make me happy
With your dazzling magenta faces
Reflect the light before our day is done
Make me happy
Once one’s journey’s long begun
Make me happy
My brown-eyed Helianthus
Smile at me, caress me
With your thousand translucent fingers
Stroking and stoking
Assuage our deepest distress
Heal the heartaches whose pain you cannot guess
You bringers of the happiness that lingers
Make me happy
Your fragility the surest source of strength

A hat full of blackberries

A hat brim full of blackberries
The booty my reward for negotiating the brambles
One chance encounter with a wild bush in full fruit
Thousands black and swollen
Hanging there for the taking
It would be quite foolish to refuse
All ripe untouched before the birds eyed and pecked
All that Nature’s garden doth provide
Picked in abundance till my hat overflows
Like I did as a kid with parents much missed
My wise guides in the gentle art of survival
Sustenance shows life will plod on
So let’s doff our caps to Nature
As we stride on and carry on
Our burdens ever so slightly undone

© David Morgan