Niall Cahir – Ceased Fire

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Ceased Fire, a poem by Niall Cahir

Niall Cahir  -Writer, Photographer, Artist. Based in Birr Co Offaly. Born 1966, in Cork city. Niall’s poetry is honest, deep and meaningful. Snap-shots of everyday life, thought provoking, with spiritual imagery. Measured shares of shade and light, strong yet delicate in texture, just like the man himself! Niall has performed at events such as ‘Scene of the Rhyme’, ‘Voices Raising’ and at music festival ‘Electric Picnic’. His framed writings hang in a number of private collections in Germany, the UK and Ireland.

“To put down a story-line credibly, lyrically, with rhyme and rhythmic beat, using assonance and alliterative technique, that’s the challenge, that’s what I like.”

Ceased Fire

The gun hung heavy from his shoulder blade
Ingrained combat manoeuvres made
RAID after
RAID after
A spent hero, questioning
As flights of fancy, fade
Although, the training made him bolder
..he never felt brave
Not near enough!

Nothing would, or could have prepared him for this
A tainted national promise
A poisoned kiss
Honour and glory for frayed homeland flag
And his fated prize?
..a latent toe-tag

Medalled military merit
Used, abused, confused!
Man’s programmed slave
A preyed-upon pilgrim
..pawned by governing knave

Penetrating shell
Piercing pain!
Shattered muscle
Severed artery, main

Pulsating earthly agony

Sensations dulled in sequence
One by
One by…


All debts, marked ‘PAID IN FULL
This truly vicious cost
Mortal coil shuffled, discarded
Outer battles fought
An inner war, won
Struck-off as collateral damage
This man!
..was someone’s son

His conditioning ran deep
Humanities malevolent tool
No longer the gregarious sheep
Nor manipulated puppeteered fool

So, sleep soldier sleep
May death make you whole
Fearless rest is yours, eternal soul

© Niall Cahir

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