Maria Miraglia – Two Love Poems

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Two Love Poems by Maria Miraglia 

1 Maria Miraglia Live Encounters Poetry & Writing March 2017

Born in Italy, Maria A. Miraglia is considered a cosmopolitan. She loves to travel and interact with people from different cultural backgrounds. For a long time member of Amnesty International,  she is herself founder of WFP, a World Peace Foundation.

She got a degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures and a Master’s degree in Valuation and Assessment at the ‘University Aldo Moro, Bari; a Master’degree  in Modern Languages Teaching at the UNI 3. Rome and the HLC (highest level certification ) at the Trinity College, Edinburgh, UK.

Her poems are in many Italian and foreign anthologies, among them: Petali tra le Nuvole; Whispering Winds, International Anthology of Poetry; Anthology of World Poem on Global Harmony and Peace; Muse for World Peace; Just for you my Love, Anti-Terror y Paz -IFLAC (also in the English version), Peticas Voces de Nuevo Siglo and others.

Author of  Le più Grandi Opere di Yayati Madan Gandhi, Dancing Winds, Whispers from the Blue and Antologia Poetica which collects the work by poets from the world, guests of the international poetry festival held in Italy in February 2016 that  has seen her it in the function of organiser of the event and publisher.

The poet is a founding member and Literary Director of the Italian Cultural Italian Literary Association Pablo Neruda. She collaborates with national and international magazines and newspapers such as: Margutte; Express, an international multidisciplinary research journal; the International Peer Review; LangLIt, Arhiva Literara; Cevirisiir, A New Ulster and others.

Maria participated in the International Festival of Poetry Kibatek, Istanbul  2014 and in its thirty-eighth edition in Izmir  2015, in the poetry festival held in Kardzali, Bulgaria -2016.

Invited to the poetry festival in Ghana  2016 and in the World Congress of Poets in Taiwan, October 2016. Next June she will be in Cappadocia and in October in Hyderabad, India.

Some of her poems have been translated into Spanish, Turkish, French, Macedonian, Albanian, Azerbaijani and Arabic. She has been bestowed with several national and international awards.

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