Niall Cahir – Surrounded

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Surrounded, poems by Niall Cahir

Niall Cahir  -Writer, Photographer, Artist. Based in Birr Co Offaly. Born 1966, in Cork city. Niall’s poetry is honest, deep and meaningful. Snap-shots of everyday life, thought provoking, with spiritual imagery. Measured shares of shade and light, strong yet delicate in texture, just like the man himself! Niall has performed at events such as ‘Scene of the Rhyme’, ‘Voices Raising’ and at music festival ‘Electric Picnic’. His framed writings hang in a number of private collections in Germany, the UK and Ireland.

“To put down a story-line credibly, lyrically, with rhyme and rhythmic beat, using assonance and alliterative technique, that’s the challenge, that’s what I like.”


Sometimes ideas chase me hard
They crowd me out
I simply refuse to write them down
For as long as I can stand
And then
                                     ..I stand

And in that stillness, that quiet moment
That embryonic, poetic note
The one I just wrote down
Stored away, to tease
..deep breath, and count to ten
I am a poet, who writes with ease
I am a writer once again

Mother Moon

Full Mother Moon, shine down on soon
Dark corners of this Earth
With liquid light, of silver might
Drive all things to re-birth
For tightened mind of all mankind
Has bound her up in filth
By sanctioned thought, a planet bought
And riddled now with gilt
How will you fare with trap and snare
We’ve set for fellow man
Show clear despair for shallow prayer
Quench hungry flames we fan
Bright lunar tint of mild green mint
Shares universal goal
Light of this kind leaves most men blind those of wisened soul

Midnight Caller

By the time you will have read this
I’ll have come, and gone
I will have touched you, upon
Your left shoulder
A breeze of gentle change
Marking this, your time and date of birth
And you, one year older
One day closer, to the bosom of my Earth

© Niall Cahir

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