Anne M Carson – Massaging Himmler

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Massaging Himmler and Other Poems by Anne M Carson

Anne M Carson is a writer and visual artist, whose poetry is published internationally and widely in Australia. Removing the Kimono, was published by Hybrid Publishers in 2013. She has won and been commended in numerous poetry prizes including being shortlisted in the New Shoots Poetry Prize 2016 and commended in the 2015 Melbourne Poets Union International Poetry Prize. As a Creative Writing Therapist she has edited and facilitated the group process which resulted in the publication of three books. She teaches Poetry Writing and Appreciation to adults and serves as Director Arts on the board of Ondru – a social-change-through-the-creative-arts organisation. Currently she is looking for a publisher for the story in verse of a little-known, Second World War humanitarian. The manuscript is called Massaging Himmler: A poetic biography of Dr Felix Kersten.

1 Anne M Carson Live Encounters Poetry & Writing March 2017

2 Anne M Carson Live Encounters Poetry & Writing March 2017

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