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It is only in quietness that true passion can exist to create life sustaining memories. In the quietness of reading books we inhabit memories of other worlds, worlds beyond the doors of our Time. Books are here to guide us on our journey through these doors. And writers and poets are here to create these books for us. Let us be thankful and buy books to read and share with the world. – Mark Ulyseas

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Amélie Frank – Review
The Mind by John FitzGerald

Atman Mehta – Review
Memory Land by Randhir Khare

Carolyne Van Der Meer – Review
Troubles by Michael Farry

Chris Kinsey – Review
The Ark Builders by Mary O’Donnell

Damian Smyth – Review
Those April Fevers by Mary O’Donnell

David Morgan – Review
The Defeat of Gilgamesh by Dr Greta Sykes

Dr Mary O’Donnell – Review
Lovely Legs by Jean O’Brien

Dr Siobhan Campbell – Review
Fish on a Bicycle by Jean O’Brien

Elizabeth Cohen – Review
Life in Suspension by Hélène Cardona

Fiona Clark Echlin – Review
Flip Sides by Michael Durack

George Elliott Clarke – Review
Seven Nights with the Chinese Zodiac by Anna Yin

Jack Grady – Review
Fourth Floor Flat by Terry McDonagh

James Walton – Review
Aloysius The Great by John Maxwell O’Brien

John Liddy – Review
Falling into Place by Anton Floyd

Lisa C Taylor – Review
Bone Road by Geraldine Mills

M Heath Beckett – Review
Quaking Cantos by Yuyutsu Sharma

Mary Esther Judy – Review
Gold by Geraldine Mills

Michael Dennis – Review
This Much I Can Tell You by David Rigsbee

Penelope Moffet – Review
Narrow Bridge by Robbi Nester

Rex Wilder – Review
Favorite Bedtime Stories by John FitzGerald

Terry McDonagh – Review
Resurrection by Jack Grady

Thomas McCarthy – Review
Dreaming My Animal Selves by Hélène Cardona

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Live Encounters Books is dedicated to promoting books published by our contributors. All contributors to Live Encounters Magazine (2010), Live Encounters Poetry & Writing(2016) and Live Encounters Young Poets & Writers (2019) are welcome aboard. Only previously unpublished reviews will be featured, henceforth.

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