Live Encounters Poetry & Writing
Special Humour Edition
June 2024

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Les Wicks – guest editorial
Alan Jefferies
Angela Stretch
Brenda Saunders
Brendan Ryan
Brian Purcell
Cecilia Morris
Danny Gardner
Dominique Hecq
Frances Rouse
Jan Napier
Jane Downing
Jeltje Fanoy
Jennifer Allen
Jennifer Dickerson
Jill Jones
Jonathan Cant
John Carey
Kit Kelen
Margaret Bradstock
Margaret Owen Ruckert
Mark O’Flynn
Mark Roberts
Mark Langford
Michele Seminara
Neil Brosnan
Norm Neill
Peter Bakowski
Ray Liversidge
Ron Wilkins
Ross Donlon
Saara Lamberg
Sarah St Vincent Welch
Suzi Mezei
Tim Train
Tug Dumbly
Usha Akella

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